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Nov 17, 2019

It’s Science …
last update: 11/17 @ 13:26

… Science Fair time, that is.

This year Robert is tracking what’s the most efficient angle for your windmill blade.

The anemometer is new for this test, but the VOM is one I built probably 40 years ago. So, on average, we’re just using things we’ve had around for awhile. (The motor / generator was from last year’s fan powered car classroom experiment.)

It’s a lot faster to get data from this experiment compared to last year’s argon soaked wetsuit.

Nov 10, 2019

Cloudy day
last update: 11/10 @ 22:49

Kind of a cloudy day on the river today. Yesterday was pretty cold so I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was to see so many folks at Angler’s Inn today (when it was a bit warmer).

It was cool, but not too bad.

Then again, I did decide to try to stay mostly dry.

Nov 03, 2019

Beautiful Weather in West VA
last update: 11/03 @ 14:06

It was a cold but beautiful weekend to go help close down the West VA campus of Robert’s old school.

And extra bonus, after hours of raking and some digging, Sarah and I played hooky to head to the bald on a spectacular day.

Now we just need to help Robert settle into homework since the trip was distracting.

Nov 01, 2019

Group Muse
last update: 11/01 @ 23:07

It’s like this, see…

Sarah arranged another Group Muse for us. And we invited Will and Anna (and parents).

Before the musicians started to play, the teenagers had a contest to see who could make the best Nationals logo. I think Will won (but John thinks Anna won).

However, I give Robert props for most creative — baby shark (with pacifier and baseball cap).

Which is pretty cool.

But not as cool as the musicians: we had duet to start with.

And then a quartet.

It was great!!!

About a quarter of the audience were musician friends. About a quarter found the concert on group muse and came by.
About half were our friends.

It was great mix. We all liked the music; the musicians seemed to enjoy the audience.

It was a lovely way to wind down from a long week and celebrate Dia de los Muertos — Martha would be proud.

And we managed to get some of the excess Halloween candy eaten :)

The Haul…
last update: 11/01 @ 18:06

Much of this is courtesy of the cross the street neighbors who saw the writing on the wall: not too many kids trick or treat on our street and the tornado warning was signaling an early end to the evening.

9.7 pounds should keep Robert in candy for another year…

(Photo by Sarah — I was early to bed last night.)

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