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Jul 25, 2009

Fifth Birthday!!!
last update: 07/25 @ 22:58
Robert and his birthday gang, post-party, trying to make sure they don’t actually bring home any goody bag candy. More photos in Robert’s section.

Shuckin’ after a busy week
last update: 07/25 @ 21:45

After a busy week — Robert’s birthday party was last Sunday and his birthday was Wednesday and we’re still very much getting moved back into our remodeled home (yes, photos to come) — Robert sat down to shuck some corn while Sarah and I moved a little more furniture this evening. He said he was standing and standing but just got tired and pulled the step stool over so he could sit down. He’s no fool.

And yes, part of today’s fun was a stop at Krispy Kreme — we have this scientific test of his dairy alergy see… That was Robert’s reward (well, mine too) for a trip to Lowe’s to the Build and Grow clinic (thanks Steve and Aaron for turning us on to those) and to pick up a few more things to help in the resettling.

Don’t look for any remodeling details — the kitchen was one of the rooms vitually untouched (everything was at least touched) by the remodeling work.

Jul 05, 2009

All settled…
last update: 07/05 @ 16:28
…back in our snug little home.

Well, actually, we are back in our snug little home. And we’ve emptied out the wardrobe boxes into our huge new double closet. Which means Robert has a three room castle on the front porch. He seems very happy with his new digs. But I think we’ll let him sleep in his room (with his new loft bed).

I’m sure there will be more pictures, but we still have a lot of unpacking and cleaning up to do (not the mention the contractor’s punch list).

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