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Oct 31, 2009

BF Halloween Parade Prep
last update: 10/31 @ 13:26

When you’re a bat you just gotta be batty! (Click on picture for clearer view.)

Oct 30, 2009

Fresh Eggs
last update: 10/30 @ 09:27

Robert’s school has a barn. The barn has chickens. For the cost of tuition we better get some fresh eggs out of the deal every once in a while. Problem is, now R is so protective of them that it is unclear whether we will be allowed to eat them.

Oct 24, 2009

All done…
last update: 10/24 @ 12:09
The final jack-o-lantern looks pretty cool. (And you’ll notice Robert came back to check out his mom’s handiwork.)

Detail work…
last update: 10/24 @ 12:08
Sarah and Robert picked up a pumpkin carving kit this year and then Robert chose the pattern to use. But he didn’t last too long at the carving table — there was a lot of detail work that seemed too boring to him.

“Bruno, how do you like your new haircut?”
last update: 10/24 @ 10:37
That’s what Robert said as the pumpkin carving began. We named the big pumpkin Bruno. And today is Bruno’s day at the hair salon … er … carving table.

Oct 09, 2009

Great Pumpkin
last update: 10/09 @ 22:07
We did our pumpkin hunting last weekend. We left this one in the field but brought back several. Photos of the fun in Robert’s section.

Oct 03, 2009

last update: 10/03 @ 16:10

Another glorious kickball day. Bright and sunny (maybe a little hot). They kids (about 4 to a team) each kicked twice per inning in the three inning game. Which was just about exactly as long as their interest stayed in the game. They kept gazing longer and longer at the playground next to the field. Hard to say who won, but I think the grey team’s fielding was better than our green team’s.

That’s Robert’s sneaky 3rd baseline kick above and his run to first. Evan is in the background running to third under the watchful eye of coach Sarah.

Practice next Wednesday then we’ll see who we play next Saturday…

Oct 02, 2009

Back from the beach…
last update: 10/02 @ 23:54
We had a great week of fun in sun with Harry, Leonor, Oriana, Tom and Sebi. The weather was spectacular but not boringly so. Lots more pictures in the vacation section.

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