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Mar 25, 2007

Work to be done
last update: 03/25 @ 16:37
There are a few more photos of this morning’s work in Robert’s section. It’s been too long since I’ve added to his part of the web site.

Red Car day
last update: 03/25 @ 12:25
It’s that time of year: snow, warm, ice, warm, freezing rain, warm. Today may be the beginning of predictably nice spring weather. At least that’s what we are going to believe until proven otherwise. It’s a nice day for Robert to take his red car for a spin.

Yesterday threatened to drizzle but Robert and I went on a morning walk to drop off a package at the over-priced UPS store, hunt for a present for his grandfather’s birthday, look at the boats on the river, pick up some coffee and tea, check out some playgrounds and finish up with a bagel and egg sandwich for lunch.

Mar 21, 2007

It just didn’t sound right…
last update: 03/21 @ 21:56

Robert was talking about his plans for an upcoming weekend and saying we needed get some balloons so they could be strewn around the floor. Which is all fine and good until you think for a second, “What’s a 2 year old (OK 2 and a half) doing with a word like strewn ready for a casual conversation?”

It’s a little less fine when when you try to recap the plan and say, “Yes we could strew some ballons around… Wait a minute that doesn’t right… What is the present tense of strewn.”

I’m not sure I’ve ever used it in the present tense, but a quick check of says, yes strew, no matter how odd sounding, is the present tense form of strewn.

Now, I fully expect to be stumped by Robert as he grows and starts to question more and more things (admittedly, I did have to ask Harry about whether the sun spins on its axis — that was more for me as Robert and I talked about night and day; it was my question not his), but I really thought we might have another couple years at least.

Mar 10, 2007

It was bound to happen…
last update: 03/10 @ 10:24

…Robert discovered a new place to play today. I’ve been wondering how long before he climbed in there. Of course, there was some stuff in his way…

Mar 05, 2007

All boxed up…
last update: 03/05 @ 22:53

Robert decided he wanted to see how it feels to be one of his blocks packed up in his block box. He fit pretty well. I was impressed he could make himself small enough that all the blocks still fit in the box.

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