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Aug 31, 2004

Picture of the Day…
last update: 08/31 @ 22:09
Seen this morning: It looks like Alexandria’s train station is an example of new security measures. Note the three TV mircowave antennas and in my clumsy blowup, the congregation of police (human and dog).

Aug 29, 2004

Aunt Michelle came for a vist
last update: 08/29 @ 14:11
August 27, 2004.Aunt Michelle (from Longggg Island) came down for a visit. She brought her youngest, Noah (who is proving camera shy, but we’ll show him).

Then Rob Allison happened to be in town so the old Clark Univeristy crowd had a chance to share a meal and meet young Robert.

Aug 27, 2004

Picture of the Day
last update: 08/27 @ 20:39
I’m starting to sense a pattern with Max these days: he’s the one getting into all the places he’s not supposed to be. Last night he was too cute in the crib when I took Robert into the nursery for change. And tonight: we come home from a nice dinner out to see — Max up on the fireplace mantle surveying his kingdom.

If only he wasn’t so cute when he’s getting into places he shouldn’t….

Aug 26, 2004

last update: 08/26 @ 12:21
Robert now has his first guid. It came with his own insurance card. I guess he’s now “on the books.”

Aug 23, 2004

last update: 08/23 @ 12:21

Today’s new word “metrician” — one who lives and dies by metrics.

Aug 22, 2004

Odd sight on the Potomac…
last update: 08/22 @ 21:57
It’s a bit odd to see Jet skis this far up on the Potomac. Sarah and Robert were on the C&O canal while I was paddleing Little Falls. It seemed really loud to me when I got the bottom of the rapid (the last before the Atlantic Ocean).

I’ve been buzzed by helicopters and by the Park Service rescue team in their motorized raft, but I’m not sure I’ve seen a jet ski try to get up the rapid before.

He was not sucessful, and note the lack of helmet — I’ve hit rocks around there and it was low tide when this guy flipped over. (My roll is better than his.)

He gave up and went away eventually.

More photos (including a couple fresh ones of Robert) are here.

Aug 21, 2004

this is a test
last update: 08/21 @ 17:25

This is a test. Did I need to use the password? (nevermind).

One thing to keep in mind: with a graphic, you will probably want enough text to fill the space next to the graphic to keep things from looking too wacky.

What I really need to do is steal some CSS positioning code to make this work better.

Robert Becker Zapolsky Williams
last update: 08/21 @ 13:25

July 22, 2004 Robert Williams was born at 11:15 am. His birth weight was 7lbs, 4oz, and length was 20 inches.

Mother, son and father are all fine.

More details are available on his web site. Sure to grow almost as fast as he does. There are lots of photos there now as well as an explanation of the name.

I’ll try to post updates here about changes to his web site (along with whatever other ramblings seem worth noting).

Welcome to blogging….
last update: 08/21 @ 13:20

I’m buckling to the pressure and joining the ranks of the bloggers — or at least trying it out. Try a search on blog for some background information; it’s a new term for web logging. The software makes it easy to edit content accessible on the web and typically organizes it in reverse cronological order (rolling older stuff off the main page, but providing permanent links for archival purposes).

This blog uses Blosxom and I’ve added a couple minor features for use here (just to prove I can).

The real reason for this (as I see it now) is an easy way to Sarah and I to provide update on the growing family.

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