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Jun 30, 2009

Boy of Summer
last update: 06/30 @ 21:28
I figured, before this whole ‘house renovation’ thing started that it might be fun to break up summer daycamp a bit with a week off for Baseball time. See, back in the spring, R saw a tee ball game and desperately wanted to play but you have to be 5 in this town to play, and until a few weeks from now - he’s still 4. Well, Virginia Baseball club runs a cute thing for the 5-6 set, explaining the rules, letting the kids play etc. Robert is having lots of fun with coaches that remind me of his cousin Ian. Next week - back to our house and back to “regular” summer camp. (-SZap)

Jun 28, 2009

Tuxpaint on the new laptop
last update: 06/28 @ 16:58
Robert is happy with my new laptop: I loaded Tuxpaint on it. It’s a Dell Inspiron 15n — I’d like to link to it but I can’t find it on Dell’s site anymore. There was an article I saw mentioning a $250 Dell laptop running Linux. I spent a little more to get an upgrade to the CPU and a bigger battery, but it still seemed crazy cheap to me for 2GB, Pentium Core Duo, and 160GB of disk space. I’m happy with it and more importantly, so is Robert.

It’s pretty buried but if you start by searching Dell’s site for Ubuntu you can eventually get to the right page, but the price has gone up $50 in the last couple weeks.

Jun 23, 2009

At the pool
last update: 06/23 @ 23:05
Lest you doubt Sarah’s earlier post about Robert’s swimming abilities, here is proof positive. (Well… OK, you have to trust that no Photoshop tricks have been played…) A couple more photos in Robert’s section.

last update: 06/23 @ 22:49
Robert and Sarah went firefly hunting — I thought it would be too light still but they came back with half a dozen that we watched light (or really we watched them not light — they didn’t seem too interested in showing off) before Robert’s bedtime.

Father’s Day
last update: 06/23 @ 22:47
Too cool for school: I just might be the first on the block with genuine Nuclear Grade Duct Tape.

Thank you Robert (and Sarah)!

We went to Eamonn’s for fish and chips and a Strongbow Cider in honor of my dad (who was a huge fan of Strongbow).

Jun 20, 2009

last update: 06/20 @ 08:56

Holy Cow! R. swam!! He actually swam! All by himself from edge of pool to daddy! And back. And forth. And …. Did not believe us when we told him he really swam.

Jun 16, 2009

I remember when…
last update: 06/16 @ 17:38
… Robert didn’t peddle his tricycle; now I can’t keep up with him on his bike. I’m sure that’s a good thing, but I’m not liking the view from his dust so much.

I do exaggerate, but only a little: he’s having a great time on his bike and I’ve not tried to get on my bike since my back surgery. I may be in the market for a Sarah-style recumbent at some point…

Jun 13, 2009

Must be time for summer camp
last update: 06/13 @ 17:03
As Robert’s year in Junior Kindergarten was winding down, his class had a portfolio review party — studiously not a graduation. Just a few more photos in Robert’s section.

Jun 08, 2009

First New Bike
last update: 06/08 @ 14:50
Call it an early birthday present or call it a “thanks for being a good sport” present but after a very busy day of swimming and birthday partying, Robert got his first own brand new bicycle. (A Toys-r-Us lightening McQueen model.) He took to it like a little boy to a bicycle! A good time was had by all.

(Taken on the roof of temporary apartment. The atrium in the background is where David works.)

Summer Begins
last update: 06/08 @ 12:54

It’s gap camp - the extended day program between when school lets out and regular camp begins. Robert wasn’t nervous but maybe I was. Today is Moonbounce-aqua-slide day all day. Robert is psyched. let the summer begin!

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