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May 15, 2005

last update: 05/15 @ 21:16
Robert showed up at the Blue Park in his hot, red convertible and was mobbed by car aficionados. Ok. Slight exaggeration. But his red car is a hit with the young male crowd. More photos on his May, 2005 page.

May 11, 2005

Just don’t drop the house on my Sister
last update: 05/11 @ 22:17

Yikes. Yes, this is the first of 5 “boxes”; pieces of a new 7,000 sq ft monster manse/condos regretably going up next door. It was pretty amazing to watch though, once I evacuated me and Robert, moved the car, and sat with the rest of the neighbors at a safe distance across the street that is. The developer is a lying a-hole but I give the crane operator kudos. I kept thinking about the first wicked witch, the one who got a house dropped on her. I wonder why.

Who’s your Daddy!!
last update: 05/11 @ 22:08

Like father, like son. Robert goes for the duct tape while happily snapping his toes along with the music.

May 09, 2005

Another Fun Playdate
last update: 05/09 @ 22:05

Another fun playdate, this time hanging out with Taylor. She was very social, a great hostess and shared all her toys. Also, mutual hair pulling was kept to a minimum. I know us Mom’s had a nice cuppa as well. Thanks Nanette.

May 04, 2005

Baby You Can drive my car.
last update: 05/04 @ 22:47

Fun afternoon with Cecily, Ciaron, and Caulder & Shamelle. Thanks Cec.

Insta-house at 12:30
last update: 05/04 @ 22:39

Well, the ground floor didn’t take too long. A few bolts, lots of sealant - Insta-house!

Something large looms…
last update: 05/04 @ 09:21
Not the best photo, but that’s what we’ve been told is the small crane. They are putting in the prepoured foundation next door. More photos are sure to come.

Bouncing is Cool!
last update: 05/04 @ 09:19
Robert enjoying the nice weather last week (should have posted this earlier). He does like bouncing!

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