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Apr 30, 2016

Draft Day Dash
last update: 04/30 @ 17:23

Sarah and Robert signed up for another 5K race: the Redskins Draft Day Dash.

Part of the appeal is the chance to run on the grass at Fed Ex Field.

No one knew they’s get to run through the giant inflatable helmet. (OK, the picture below was staged before the race.)

Others also had similar plans, but the lines moved quickly and pretty soon the racers were off…

… and the spectators were let into the stadium and onto to field to cheer them on.

And get sucked into all the Draft Day festivities at the park.

It was pretty impressive how quickly the field filled up. By the time the racers were in the stadium, it was getting hard to move around through the crowd.

Of course, they kept the race lane clear for the racers.

last update: 04/30 @ 17:23

It’s not every race that has NFL cheerleaders cheering the racers across the finish line.

In the Zapolsky / Williams class, with a time of 35:34, Sarah wins again!!!

The official results.

(There were about 1200 runners who finished this race; more sane than the Parkway Classic.)

Robert finished well (in 39:12); and also enjoyed the cheering.

And there was lots to do on the field and in the stadium after the race: more obstacle courses (you have to ask Robert about the obstacles on the race course), a chance to kick a field goal, food and beer.

Inside, the race bib got Sarah and Robert into the Fast Track lane for autographs (from Derek Manning and Chris Baker).

Apr 24, 2016

Parkway Classic
last update: 04/24 @ 11:33

It was a beautiful day for a running race. Sarah and Robert took one of Robert’s schoolmates on the GW Parkway Classic.

They all did great!!!

The GW Parkway was closed for several hours for the race so the runners had the treat of that pretty road for much of the race.

And this was the first point-to-point race Sarah and Robert have been in. Starting from one spot and rather than turning around halfway or making a big loop, a straight shot up the river to Founder’s Park, close to the foot of King St.

Robert has been in several now and today fininshed in under 37 minutes.

This time Sarah won with 35:40.

It was a sold out race with about 7,000 racers finishing (combined between the 5K and the 10M races).

Check out the cool medal Robert is sporting below:

Apr 17, 2016

Science and Engineering Festival
last update: 04/17 @ 21:15

We were able to carve out two days for the Science and Engineering Festival this time. We didn’t get any signed books but Robert and Sarah were there for the live chat with the Space Station. More photos in Robert’s section.

Apr 14, 2016

It’s like this see…
last update: 04/14 @ 22:41

…Robert is in school so he should be able to do the math, I just made a bad assumption: If this is 2016 and the first Tax Day letter was 1996, this must be the 20th Tax Day letter, Right?

That’s what it says (in the last sentence). The problem is, that’s what I said in last year’s letter. Turns out, that’s a classic Fence Post Error. This is the 21st year for Tax Day letters.

So I apologize but I’m going to let it stand without correction (other than this). And hope that those who are interested will enjoy the letter (even knowing the last sentence is an unintentional lie).

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