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Jun 16, 2024

last update: 06/16 @ 14:37

Robert’s visit was a little distracting.

Sarah and I went to see Marc Cohn at the Birchmere on Thursday; we invited Robert but he decided to chill at home instead.

It was a great show and the new version of Silver Thunderbird was a fantastic treat.

Recommended if you get the chance to catch this tour.

He’s Back!!!
last update: 06/16 @ 12:25

Classes over, Robert came home to Alexandria.

Sadly, not for the summer.

But for a very nice week-long break.

We had fun hanging out together.

And it was great that his trip happened to coincide with Father’s day (thank you for the Bluetooth meat thermometer which I’m sure to start using soon).

We even had a rematch of the Catan game with Pocket; Robert won.

But he’s headed back to Seattle for the summer.

He has some more work with the Ultimate Frisbee teams there, and is hoping to line up another summer job as Frisbee still leaves most of his time free.

Sarah and I really enjoyed having Robert back in the house and were sorry to see him go. But he truly is adulting well.

Jun 08, 2024

Great Falls
last update: 06/08 @ 17:52

Sarah’s brother David happened to be in town this weekend (congratulations on the award).

And he had some time free so we picked him up and headed to the Billy Goat trail.

I know Hank and Sally and I did this as well, but it had to be 30 years ago.

It was a picture perfect day.

Perfect for us and the Heron!

I’ve forgotten the view of the Falls from the Maryland side. Really pretty impressive (even if the straight Virginia drop is hidden behind the rocks.

And the while we shared the trail with many other families and folks — we had the benefit of someone to take our picture for us.

There is a bit of a scramble up the rocks at one point on the trail, and I’ve often watched folks slip a bit there when I paddle up the gorge. Now I know why :)

It was great fun to see David and show off one of our favorite spots to him. In a way, returning the favor of the Eastern Washington hike he took us on earlier this year.

Now we just need to get him in boat…

Jun 01, 2024

Beautiful June Day
last update: 06/01 @ 18:30

We’re thinking more of this in our future!

A lovely June day and we headed a but further upstream to Violette’s Lock.

We realized it had been year since we were there last.

Almost exactly 4 years.

It’s a pretty spot; a bit further to drive and the paddle back up the canal can seem like a lot of flatwater — but filled with turtles this time of year.

Clearly the weather was perfect for it and we had a great time!

The ducks and herons seems to be happy to today too.

We’re less sure about the snake; but it kept to itself so no problem.

May 31, 2024

It’s Official!!!
last update: 05/31 @ 16:30

I turned in my SF 3107 (and related forms) yesterday afternoon and had confirmation this morning that I did it right. My last day of federal service will be July 26th. I’m sure I’ll have more to say closer to the day.

May 26, 2024

Start of summer
last update: 05/26 @ 22:32

The traditional start of summer and Sarah and I were able to get out on the river.

The temperature was certianly summerish: high 80s.

But the water was still cool.

And not too low.

We had a good time at Angler’s Inn.

Both in the waves and surfing across the channel.

There were a few other folks out on the river including one paddle boarder at the Maryland chute who was clearly having a good time.

We hung out there for a bit.

Then paddled across to the Virginia side.

And generally welcomed summer for 2024.

I look forward to more afternoons like this :)

And I’m sure the Potomac won’t disappoint us.

May 19, 2024

Potomac again
last update: 05/19 @ 22:26

The water level was a bit higher.

And while it was cloudy in the morning (and rainy yesterday), the sun broke through and it was a lovely afternoon.

I saw a few kayakers but at least as many paddle board folk out enjoying the weather.

Sarah will be with her peeps when she next comes out to play on the Potomac.

May 04, 2024

Back on the Potomac
last update: 05/04 @ 16:08

It’s been a busy spring, but I got back to Angler’s Inn today.

The weather was crazy during the week, a new high record (91) set Thursday; Friday just perfect with mid-70s. Last night the rain and cold front came in.

Of course, not well represented in the photo is the layer of fog just above the river. The river water was warmer than the ~50 degree air temp.

And the rains held off while I got to play in the waves a bit.

I’m sure this will just be the first of many trips as the weather warms up. And I’m sure Sarah will be joining me on many of those.

Continued Christmas fun
last update: 05/04 @ 15:51

Sarah’s Christmas present, a Legacy Box, has been a great, fun distraction lately.

I’ve updated my page here with a film I made at Evergreeen and the news stories I put together when I was trying to get a job with KGW in Portland. The dub from professional Beta to VHS to digital file shows, but it’s been a really fun stroll down memory lane.

We also have home movies in a format we can watch now (our VHS player is no more). And, when I work out the few images that did not scan well with LegacyBox, I hope to add my slideshow from the fantastic, private permit Grand Canyon trip in 1993 or 1994.

Apr 14, 2024

Tax Day!
last update: 04/14 @ 21:08


A little bit early, but close enough.

The paper copies are in the mail; if you want a sneak preview, the electronic version is here.

Bonus points to the the first person (or anyone) who catches the two typos corrected since I printed the paper version.

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