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Oct 23, 2017

Richmond Treating Us Well
last update: 10/23 @ 21:30

All-in-all, a very nice trip.

Great weather (that should be clear from the picture).

Fun to walk around.

And a very nice chat with Martha.

James River Rapids
last update: 10/23 @ 21:28

This guy had a good line in Hollywood Cemetary rapid.

There seemed to be some sort of organized trip going on.

We saw a couple folks set up for safety and a couple Stand Up Paddle boards go by in addition to the kayaks.

It’s always surprising to me how urban the James is.

We just walked across the pedestrian bridge now suspended below the 195, I think that’s the big bridge there.

Belle Island now has lots of signage about its role as a prison during the Civil War.

And signs about the rapids and quary. It was very popular on such a nice, late October day.

We even found the path to Pipeline and I saw a couple boaters there as well.

Quick trip to Richmond
last update: 10/23 @ 21:19

We made a weekend out of lunch with Martha in Richmond.

The visit with her was great; it’s always fun to catch up. And good to have someone to commiserate with about the current state of affairs.

Then we went by the Tredegar Iron Works Museum.

And from there it was just across the road to check out the James River and the cool paths of the new river walk.

Photo by Robert

While we were watching the boaters come through, Robert took this great shot of Sarah and I.

And there were plenty of cool channels in the rocks as the river was a bit low.

But Robert said too cold to wade in.

School Photo
last update: 10/23 @ 21:09

Gotta love the red fedora :)

Oct 12, 2017

Belize Diving Photos…
last update: 10/12 @ 22:09

More photos from our Leif Erikson day trip in the vacations section.

Oct 08, 2017

Newly Minted…
last update: 10/08 @ 18:27

We took advantage of the long weekend to head to Belize to finish Robert’s dive certification.

This time, no trouble clearing his ears and he’s now certified!!!

We plan one more day of diving here before we head back to DC.

It’s been a fun trip and I expect there may be more photos later.

And if you see Robert, ask about the sharks…

Oct 01, 2017

Beautiful Day on the River
last update: 10/01 @ 18:55

Maybe a bit cool, but clear, blue skies. And clear water since it’s so low. We’ve not had much rain in a while. The leaves are starting to turn and we may have seen our last 90 degree day for the year.

Sep 20, 2017

End of an Era
last update: 09/20 @ 22:32

Robert and I came back from the last class trip to the West Virginia campus. The weather was spectacular and we saw the milky way on top of the bald.

The class of 2018 has a Wilderness Adventure in the spring rather than returning to the West Virginia site. It’s been a whole lot of fun and I’m sure we’ll be back for opening and closing weekends. But it’s sad to think there will be no more class trips there.

Check out big dipper over the campfire…

Sep 10, 2017

Feeling a little like fall…
last update: 09/10 @ 22:34

… but still a very pretty day.

We headed back to our standard Angler’s Inn stretch of the Potomac.

Sarah borrowed Robert’s new inflatable (to show him how it’s done).

And then Robert followed in her footsteps.

I missed Sarah running the Maryland chute on her SUP.

And I had the camera with me when I ran it in the canoe.

It was a very nice end to a pretty weekend (in our part of the country, anyway).

Sep 06, 2017

Speaking of first day of school…
last update: 09/06 @ 21:24

Photo by Sarah of Robert, Andy and Ruby, 2017; first day of last year of middle school.

She was able to go in with Robert today and continue her tradition of the trio photo (and some photos of some more of the class).

See her Facebook page for more.

Photo by SZap
Photo by Sarah of Ruby, Andy and Robert first day of first grade, 2010.

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