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Jan 29, 2005

Playing with the new camera
last update: 01/29 @ 16:50

Robert makes a very pliant subject for playing with the new camera. This is (for those who haven’t visited us) from the George Washington Masonic Memorial, overlooking our metro station, train station and Alexandria.

I also tried one quick shot without Robert, just to try to get a feel for my new lens. It’s pretty wide….

The top photo links to Robert’s January page; the lower photo links to a couple more sample shots from the digital camera.

Jan 23, 2005

First Solid Food!
last update: 01/23 @ 09:56
True to form, Robert’s first solid food did not taste too great to Sarah. But he didn’t seem to mind too much — nor did he seem to eat too much…

Jan 22, 2005

last update: 01/22 @ 14:45
Robert’s first snow storm.

Jan 19, 2005

In Memoriam
last update: 01/19 @ 23:11

Maxime de la K Williams, who joined us in the summer of 1998, did not survive a massive seizure this morning. We will miss him and I regret Robert did not have much of a chance to get to know him.

Jan 16, 2005

Music Together
last update: 01/16 @ 21:28

Thanks to Emily we got in touch with Cheryl and ‘Music Together’ -a music play session for babies. Obviously we have no fun at all. (That’s Eric, Cheryl’s hubby holding Robert). Later, back at Cecily’s house, the boys get to play with her guitar and we remind them that the Beatles bought their mothers houses with their earnings.

Final Christmas photos
last update: 01/16 @ 14:03
The last of the Christmas photos are up now; including Harry with his kleenex dispenser — look closely, the kleenex comes out the the nostril of the statue. These may be some of David’s final ‘chemical’ photos now that he has his new digital toy.

Happy Commuters
last update: 01/16 @ 13:43
Sarah and Robert on the way in to the office. He seems to be quite happy to watch his fellow commuters (and peek out the windows when the train is above ground).

Jan 11, 2005

last update: 01/11 @ 16:16
Our little house next door is no more. The chimney came down today. And it didn’t land on our house!!!

Jan 08, 2005

Another new Camera
last update: 01/08 @ 20:40
I’ve gone digital: After seeing how good Sarah’s digital images look, and how much more difficult it is to deal with chemical photography, I’ve taken the D-SLR plunge. I’m now the proud owner of one of the more obscure digital cameras: Pentax’s istD. It’s chief benefit: I can use the lenses I have and really like.

There are a couple more early examples in the page I’ve set aside for random photos from the new camera.

Jan 04, 2005

Crawl Stroke
last update: 01/04 @ 15:53

Robert can now escape his playmat with some regularity using his roll and though we haven’t started his chinqua-babies swim classes yet, he does a pretty good forward crawl stroke. Fortunately for mommy, this doesn’t work so well on land.


Jan 02, 2005

New tricks for the new year
last update: 01/02 @ 13:22
Robert’s new trick: sleeping on his tummy.

We had a great Christmas in New Jersey; there are some photo’s of Robert’s first Chrismas in his area of the site.

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