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Sep 27, 2008

Chilly, Windy Beach
last update: 09/27 @ 21:41
On Thursday evening, I trained up to Atlantic City where Oriana and Tom picked me up while Sarah, Harry and Elle were watching Robert and Sebastian. The rain started about the time I left DC and was pretty impressive as we drove to Long Beach Island. But the weather Friday and Saturday was not all bad and we did have some fun on the beach. There are a just a couple more photos I added to Robert’s First Day of School page.

Sep 23, 2008

Big Doings at the Beach
last update: 09/23 @ 19:42
Or should that be big Undoings? Sarah says it’s been pretty windy so far and they’ve not gotten into the water much. But clearly they have found some other ways to stay entertained.

Sep 22, 2008

last update: 09/22 @ 18:49
I’m sensing a theme here in some of these posting. Robert and Sarah are off for a week at the beach, leaving me to keep the home fires alight. She sent this photo from their trip saying, “After an hour in the car, Robert’s only complaint was that he was hungry” — so they had a morning snack (or early lunch).

Sep 20, 2008

last update: 09/20 @ 14:52
Sarah had some errands to run so Robert and I wandered down to the Farmers Market for a ham roll (or two) for breakfast (and an apple, cranberry, spice loaf). While he was running around on the stage we were surprised by Hannah and Ella stopping by. Both friends from Robert’s old day care. There are a couple more photos from the lovely fall morning in Robert’s section.

Sep 17, 2008

Pasta Redux
last update: 09/17 @ 22:31
It’s been months since I’ve posted a pasta shot. While Sarah was in her class this evening, Robert and I went back to Pines of Florence for dinner. I think this is even the same table we had in February.

Sep 16, 2008

No, put on underwears on YOU.
last update: 09/16 @ 21:27
So, Robert DID put on his own underwears but thought that python and alligator ought to get to wear a pair too. Can’t argue with that.

Chalk for Peace 2008
last update: 09/16 @ 21:07

The annual world kid’s art action: Chalk for peace is this week and Robert’s little group at Del Ray Yoga took part as well. Hey, every little bit helps.
Event pics will appear at in about a month.

Sep 14, 2008

Back to the Potomac
last update: 09/14 @ 13:04
The backwards hat gang (Robert on the left and Paul on the right) meet the Vultures (on the rocks across the river). We thought Paul and his family would be able to rent a canoe, but there was a triathlon that had the road blocked to Fletcher’s boat house. So we went up to to Angler’s Inn and paddled around a bit. Josette and Paul seemed to have a good time in the canoe (after Paul got used to it). Sarah and Tim (Paul’s dad) tried to hike up the tow path with Paul’s little brother — but the path was washed out not far from the parking lot. I think with some juice boxes, splashing around and Pooh sticks, everyone had a good time on a very hot day.

Sep 06, 2008

Puddle Jumping…
last update: 09/06 @ 17:42
Tropical Storm Hanna came through most of the day today. By the time it made it up the coast to our neck of the woods, it was a fair amount of warm rain, but not too much and no dangerous winds (at least so far and now the sun is starting to pop out of the clouds again).

Robert and I took advantage of the let up in the rain and went puddle hunting with his boots. We found a GREAT one! Just down the street in the tot lot. I did insist we continue our hunt around the neighborhood before coming back so he could plumb the depths next to the swings. Robert wanted to try the swing but I don’t have boots and decided I didn’t really want to wade over there to help him into the swing — besides, his pants would just get wet. We came home and made Sarah watch as we dumped the water out of his boots.

The most careful observers will note that the top photo was actually taken later than the bottom photo. In the bottom photo it’s still raining a bit and Robert’s pants are mostly dry. In the top photo, the rain has stopped and Robert’s pants are much less dry (but I still didn’t want to wade out to help him into the swing). I’m not sure he thought it was OK to get his pants (and feet) that wet. But I explained that we’d get a laugh out of Sarah coming back like that.

Sep 03, 2008

Robert wanted to add this to the blog
last update: 09/03 @ 19:32
Robert has been playing the GCompris memory game: it generates a train and you have to match the cars after the train leaves the screen.

Sep 02, 2008

First Day of School
last update: 09/02 @ 22:10
Robert started his five-day-a-week school today. We packed him off with lunch bag and turned him over to his new junior kindergarten teachers. There are just a few more photos in Robert’s section.

Sep 01, 2008

last update: 09/01 @ 22:31

It is with profound sadness that I have to report that Lindsay Brown, (wife of my brother David and mother of my wonderful nephew Ian) passed away today, Sunday Aug. 31st around 5:00pm.

She died at home, resting comfortably in her living-room overlooking Seattle and surrounded by family. She was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma June 30th and passed away eight weeks later. Her family and her community will miss her very much.

Thank you very much to everyone who has supported us during this time. We are very grateful. (Especially Robert who got some extra time to play with his buddies this past week while I went out to Seattle.) Thanks again.

Sarah’s turn
last update: 09/01 @ 21:07
Sarah is back and took out the new canoe today. We went back to Violet’s Lock, which was fun Saturday. Today there was a little more water and lot more people. And we all had a good time enjoying the weather.

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