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Oct 31, 2015

last update: 10/31 @ 22:34

The big day arrived.

We had an excellent and healthy dinner.

We put our jack-o-lanterns on the steps.

Added a bowl of candy.

(Which turned out to be way more than we needed. Sarah, once again correct, that I expect many more trick or treaters than we get on our street.)

Sarah morphed into Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons.

Robert morphed into one of the dragons.

We headed out to see what we could see.

After doing the round in our neighborhood, we headed down to Lee St., known as Halloween Central around here. We saw lots of costumes but were a bit late by the time we got there.

No matter though…

… Robert’s haul was way more than enough!

We should have stomach aches covered for weeks; and all our discretionary income is earmarked for fillings.

(Notice how full that big is.)

Oct 30, 2015

Starting to look like…
last update: 10/30 @ 19:31


We’re a bit late with our carving, but they look good. And I think (maybe, possibly) we have enough candy to give out (put out while we go around).

Oct 25, 2015

Little Falls
last update: 10/25 @ 18:09

I got back to Little Falls for the first time in a long while and the first time ever in our canoe. You’ll notice that it has flotation now — that’s made me a little more adventurous.

The river is kind of low, about 2.9, and the weather gorgeous — so I let Robert and Sarah enjoy the Del Ray Halloween parade without me this year.

They had a good time, I had a good time. A win all around.

That’s Little Falls from below — showing at least the front of the canoe still in one piece. I did get closer to the island than I wanted to but not a terrible run.

And that’s lookign through the pretty, fall trees back up at the rapid from the platform (water intake?).

Oct 12, 2015

Good Works on the Water
last update: 10/12 @ 19:02

Robert and Sarah were doing good works as part of the middle school community service program. They got up early and headed to the Occoquan River for clean up duty.

Clearly, the weather was spectacular!

And it looks like they have quite a haul of trash.

I’m out of town for the week so they get some mother, son, kitty, kitty, kitty bonding time.

Oct 11, 2015

last update: 10/11 @ 17:49

One of Robert’s classmates put out a call for 6th graders who wanted to go rafting. Robert and I joined in. The take-out was at a Piney Run creek with a cool waterfall. This is Robert and Nathan (another of the 6th grade boys) checking the water temperature — COLD!

Oct 04, 2015

School Photo
last update: 10/04 @ 11:01

It’s like this see…

Robert and I went to the Grand Opening of our new local Giant grocery store and outside the store the Eckrich team set up a tent giving away hot dogs and sausages. And, if you bought 5 dollars worth of their meats at the new store, they would give you a hat or bag, your choice.

Or, if you just looked cute and clearly enjoyed the hot dog and politely asked for a second, they might just give you a hat.

Clearly, Robert thought that was cool and it’s his current favorite hat.

When the school portraits came back, he had two: hat on and hat off. He chose hat on.

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