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Jan 16, 2012

A boy and his cat
last update: 01/16 @ 15:17
Panzer decided to keep Robert company the other night. This is interesting because for a couple days before this, he was nibbling on Robert’s toes and waking him up early. So Robert asked us to make sure the door was closed to his room. Eventually Panzer came out on his own and we closed the door to keep him out.

Clearly Robert got his wish: Kitties who like him. Zip Drive has been skittish around Robert ever since we brought the small man-cub home. Panzer and Pinker, however, have been a different story…

Jan 01, 2012

Atlanta Christmas trip
last update: 01/01 @ 22:04
On our way back from Atlanta, we stopped in Richmond for to spend the night at the Jefferson Hotel — we had to take a couple pictures before we left. There are lots more photos of out Atlanta trip (which included a graduation party for Sam and Oscar — Way To Go Guys) in the vacations section.

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