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Jun 23, 2013

Now Third Grade is Really Over
last update: 06/23 @ 21:00
 While not an official part of school, we joined up with Robert’s science teacher, Carol, and the last of the trout fish-lings the kids have raised from eggs at a small stream in the foothills of the Shenandoahs. It was release day and Robert, Markus and Thea released about 30 trout, each about four to six inches long. (You can just see one swimming out of the cup Robert is holding.)

It was stormy driving out there but the weather cleared and it was clear and starting to get hot with the humidity. But it was great fun to see the trout take to their new environment. And to realize how many the school provided (this was their second and final release day for the year).

 After the fish were released, we drove up the road a bit further and picked some strawberries and cherries before stopping at one of surprisingly large number of Virginia Wineries on the way home. It was a very nice way to spend some summertime out of the house.

BONUS: Sarah and Robert made a great cherry cake.

Jun 22, 2013

Back to the scene of the crime…
last update: 06/22 @ 21:39

 Sarah, Robert and I headed out to Angler’s Inn on Father’s day. But we have no pictures of the event. The cool waterproof camera was stolen by snakes (or was an offering to the rivers gods).

A shame either way. But we’ll be more careful in the future.

Robert and I returned the scene of the crime to see if we could spot the camera — the river was a bit lower and I have an idea where it might be.

 But it was still too murky and perhaps not low enough so we didn’t see it. We did see these new river creatures though…

Jun 15, 2013

More Baseball
last update: 06/15 @ 17:05

 Robert connecting on a pitch from coach JT. The Hillcats won another game today with good hitting and good fielding. I don’t know if we’ll follow coach JT to kids pitch next year or if we get one more year of coach pitch — which has been great. One more game on Monday, if the weather holds.

Jun 14, 2013

Pool Time
last update: 06/14 @ 16:54
 Underwater camera works underwater — Robert practicing underwater yoga being the proof…

Jun 11, 2013

last update: 06/11 @ 13:42
 This may take some explaining…

The smoker is going in the foreground — first time in much too long. With Robert out of school this week I’m taking the week off and that seemed like a good chance to fire up the smoker again.

Behind and to the left is Robert’s construction zone. When we were sweeping sand into the cracks between the bricks, we ended up with a pile of sand under the smoker (I pulled it from under the bushes to actually use it). To that, Robert added some sand from Audrey Joy’s sandbox, bricks and some construction materials.

In the background….

 …Robert in the hammock with a Kindle.

Doesn’t that just shout SUMMER!?

Jun 09, 2013

Of course, I have to try for a kitty photo
last update: 06/09 @ 17:10
 I think Pinker would be in a better mood if I’d fed them before asking her to look cute in a basket. Oh well…

Robert’s artwork
last update: 06/09 @ 16:30
 It’s that time of year again…

Robert is out of school and we’re taking pictures of his artwork over the last couple of years (while he’s been in the Buckeyes combined second and third grade class).

 It’s fun to get to see some of the art that’s been staying at school rather than coming home. Of course the Mother’s Day painting came home.

Mellow day at home
last update: 06/09 @ 12:34
 Robert is out for summer break now; lots of summer camps ahead but for now, a nice morning to hang on the porch and play with planes, cars and the cool blocks his Aunt Helen made for him. Thanks, Helen!!!

With a little help from rubber bands, you can build some pretty long bridges — we didn’t want to get out the nails or screws…

Jun 02, 2013

Potomac Wildlife
last update: 06/02 @ 20:51

 Robert and Sarah went to a very nice end of the third grade party at one of Robert’s classmate’s houses. I took the canoe out to Angler’s Inn and found this deer on the way back to the car. There were also a lot of great blue herons and vultures. I didn’t get such good pictures of those, unfortunately (I’m still playing with the new waterproof camera).

Jun 01, 2013

last update: 06/01 @ 17:12

 It was a hot, 94 degree day for baseball today. The kids did a good job drinking lots of water and had a good time. This is Robert’s hit in the first inning.

The Hillcats are doing well this year — there have been some questions of scoring (there are only supposed to be 4 runs max per inning, but if Julian hits a bases loaded grans slam after there have already been three runs it’s hard not to give him credit) — they have not lost a game.

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