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Aug 25, 2019

Perfect day for the river
last update: 08/25 @ 16:54

I snuck off to the river this morning.

Well, not really sneaking: Robert was still asleep and Sarah was plotting evening plans.

The weather was ideal; the river is normal summer low but not too low. I paddled up to Wet Bottom Chute and then came back down.

We have an informal get ready for back to school gathering this evening. The kids are down to their final week of lazy summer before school start September 3rd.

Washingtion Spirit Wins!
last update: 08/25 @ 00:14

Robert, Will and I got into a sold out Audi Field to see the Washington Spirit win two to one over the Orlando Pride. It was a great game and a very nice stadium.

And that was on top of seeing Dear Evan Hansen at the Kennedy Center this afternoon. An amazingly spectacular day!

Aug 18, 2019

last update: 08/18 @ 22:05

Sarah took us to see Twenty20 at DC 9 tonight. They were not bad. Friends of friends kids making their first headline appearance.

Aug 11, 2019

Perfect Day!
last update: 08/11 @ 22:43

We had a perfect afternoon on the river.

The level was low but not too low; the Maryland chute was fun and it was easy to get back up and even drag the boats over the rocks and paddle down.

And the humidity has broken for the weekend — truly amazing to have such perfect weather for a weekend in August.

We packed up the boats and headed to Angler’s Inn.

And we even got a parking space before we were completely unloaded.

I guess we happened to time it all just right today.

There were others on the river, including a river dog, but mostly they were in one spot and we were in another.

Speaking of spots, I didn’t get a picture, but golf ball is huge now. Space for two or three helicopters :)

We’ve likely seen the last big water for the year, so it may stay huge until next spring.

After a day like today, I’m sure we’ll be back to check it out.

Aug 09, 2019

Agile Software Development
last update: 08/09 @ 09:58

Sorry a bit off the normal family topic…

Plan as much as you need as late as you can.

My summation of Agile Software development. I don’t see any results when I search for that on the web so I’m going to claim ownership of it.

And I’ll quote myself again from a short presentation I’m putting together for work:

“It’s always hard to find the sweet spot between over planning yourself into a box and flying by the seat of your pants into a cliff. We try to make sure we know where we’re generally going and what next one or two steps are most likely to get us closer.”

I think it applies more generally than just software development: when remodeling, you don’t need to choose the colors before the drywall is up.

Back to normal family travel and milestones…

Aug 04, 2019

Birthday Celebration Conclusion
last update: 08/04 @ 09:51

We concluded our traditional birthday celebrations with a visit to the Sushi-go-round (Wasabi) and Lego store.

After a haircut, we started with sustenance to ensure no one passed out in the Lego store.

That was plenty of sustenance :) I’m sure we eat more, but also try more different things in the conveyor belt model.

And it is fun.

Robert had been eyeing this particular set since it showed up in a catalog. And we’ve moved to a new model where he’s paying part of the cost directly.

Initially he was disappointed that the store didn’t have what he was looking for, and he started debating getting something different, getting something small and ordering what he wanted online, or trying the store in Pentagon City (which lacks the sushi appeal).

And then he realized someone had put back a non-Star Wars set in the Star Wars section. Moving that out of the way revealed the Tantive IV he was looking for.

Several hours later, he had it put together and ready to show off.

Which was great as Jenny was visiting to finish out a week of conference here after moving to Tennessee last summer. We miss them and it’s been a nice visit.

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