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Dec 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!!!
last update: 12/25 @ 14:46
I don’t know if we’ll have the same long running tradition as Loren, Susan, Kate, Sam and Sally with their Santa photos, but here is Robert with his first chance to wisper into Santa’s ear just what he wants for Christmas…

Dec 21, 2004

Baby Cool
last update: 12/21 @ 21:59

Robert had another social milestone on Sunday when he attended his very first kid’s birthday party, for his friend Hannah Marill. He was too young to take a turn on the zip line, but he enjoyed the mats and had a blast with his party favors.

Dec 14, 2004

Worm a licious
last update: 12/14 @ 20:54

Happiness is a warm worm.

Hate when they shrink like that
last update: 12/14 @ 20:52

David is a wonderful ironer so when I put Robert’s shirt in with the pile he didn’t even miss a beat, except to wonder if his shirt had shrank. A lot.

Dec 12, 2004

Second Photo Shoot
last update: 12/12 @ 20:35
Robert’s second photo shoot was a visit to Sarah’s friend Tony of Anthony Marill Photography. Tony did a great job and Sarah surprised David with a couple prints from this shoot for his birthday.

There are several more photos in Robert’s section of the site (rapidly taking over the entire web site).

Dec 11, 2004

Nice day in December
last update: 12/11 @ 16:40

Nothing exciting, just a 60 degree day in December.

Dec 07, 2004

Funny to be small
last update: 12/07 @ 18:50

I guess it’s funny to be too small for your new high chair. Still, it’s good to practise.

Dec 04, 2004

Indy! Why Does the Floor Move!?
last update: 12/04 @ 21:49

O.K. so I admit I’ve been watching too much Buffy lately, but imagine my surprise when, as I lay my darling baby boy down for a nap that I looked up and saw his blue teddy bear in his crib shake its head a bit, then start to wave its right paw around. I of course, being as rational as a sleep deprived person can be, froze, and calculated how fast I could snatch my babe up and run out the door. After shaking my head to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing, figured out the only explanation. Max kitty had snuck into the nursery, managed to weave his paw under the crib bumper from behind (so I couldn’t see him), and get his claw stuck in the teddy bear. Needless to say I will not be running of to go see any Chucky movies in the near future.

A Little More Thanksgiving Fun…
last update: 12/04 @ 20:01
The chemical photos are in and scanned now so there are a few more glimpses of Robert’s Thanksgiving at the beach.

Happy & cute
last update: 12/04 @ 14:59

I include this picture just because it is especially happy and cute. Robert just hanging out with his new free-cycle toys. (No new plastic was killed in the making of these legos. -Thanks Katrina.)

Who’d a Thunk It?
last update: 12/04 @ 11:41
American Combustion wasn’t able to combust, so now the hotel has a portable boiler (from Power House Equipment Company) pumping high pressure steam into the basement.

Who would have thought about building a portable boiler to hook up to broken steam heating systems? And now instead of worrying about next door combustion, I get to walk under the temporay steam pipes running over the sidewalk.

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