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Aug 29, 2006

Somebody got a hair cut
last update: 08/29 @ 20:22
Robert got a haircut yesterday. And today we played in the National Building Museum. It was too hot to spend much time outside (still) but this gave Robert a good chance to run around. There are a couple more photos from the Building Museum in Robert’s section.

Aug 27, 2006

Train Ride!
last update: 08/27 @ 16:26
This morning we headed off to Burke Lake Park to ride the mini-train. Robert was completely enthralled the whole time. It’s hard to believe he rides a metro train every day… but then, the metro is not open air and doesn’t go through the woods and next to water towers and windmills….

Aug 26, 2006

Shake Down….
last update: 08/26 @ 15:42
Robert being shaken down for any spare change he might have in his pockets. Tupperware is not cheap and he does like playing with Elle’s tupperware when he visits Highland Park. There are a couple more photos of last weeks visit in Robert’s section of the web site.

Aug 23, 2006

last update: 08/23 @ 20:16

So, Robert didn’t eat much dinner but he was keeping us company tonight while Sarah and I finished our dinner. He brought over the Thomas the train catalog and pointed out all the different trains available.

After a few minutes of that I said, “Well, I think we should raid your college fund and buy a couple of each of these trains so we can have the full collection. Who needs college anyway?”

To which Robert replied, clear as a bell, “Robert! Robert need college!”

So I guess his college fund is safe (for now).

Aug 06, 2006

What was that???
last update: 08/06 @ 13:34
We had a great visit with Steve, Helen and Aaron last week. They decided they really needed to learn to appreciate their home weater, so they visited in the height of our heat wave. That was a perfect excuse to go the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Where certain creatures of the fishy variety were catching Robert’s eye.

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