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Jan 29, 2011

last update: 01/29 @ 13:37
Sarah volunteered to help out at Robert’s school this morning. Prospective parents were coming by with questions for current parents. Robert and I tagged along because he said they had a blast in PE on Friday sledding down to the soccer field. Actually, Robert was telling me, they used tubes this year.

Since we showed up so early, we were the only sledders for a while. Just as we were thinking we’d put the sleds away, several of Robert’s classmates showed up.

The hill really is spectacular. Of course, with the weather lately, it was really icy; especially so down the middle of the hill.

In our championship race, I was using the green sled we taped up from the damage it sustained last year. I had a secret plan: use that one laying down (which worked well for the foam board we have). But I think I put more weight on the sides than it really could deal with and so it cracked in several more places. That one is going out for recycling…

We saw several kids (well, one kid repeatedly) end up in the trees on the far side of the field. We got that far several times but put the breaks on to stop before we ended up too far into the trees.

Jan 26, 2011

Snow Day
last update: 01/26 @ 21:46
Today was a snow day for Robert’s school (and most other local schools) even though it didn’t look too bad in the morning. His reaction to school being canceled? More time in his book nook!

Jan 08, 2011

29 Feet
last update: 01/08 @ 20:40
That is our current record distance for the final Christmas gift of the year. A Trebuchet for Robert from Grandpa via RLT Industries.

Now if we just scale up at one inch equals one foot, we should be able to get about 300 feet… That might just clear the train and metro lines and hit the Hilton behind the house.

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