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Apr 15, 2020

It’s Tax Day
last update: 04/15 @ 16:26

And our tax day letter is in the mail. If you just can’t wait for the post office, and you happen to follow this blog, you’re in luck!

As the listing page says, “Christmas has proven too hectic for writing an annual letter, so I elected to do our annual letter writing for tax day. I hope this makes a typically less fun time a bit more fun (it does for me!).”

If you’d like to get on the exclusive list for paper copy, drop us a note.

Apr 12, 2020

Hunt for The Egg
last update: 04/12 @ 11:43

We are all enjoying the Lego Masters show (and are waiting the the final show this week). We gave Robert a small Lego set for Easter and that formed a key element in his Peep Diorama.

The mech is trying to get The Egg back from the land of Peeps.

And it’s not going well…

…at least not yet.

The Peeps are bravely defending The Egg but the mech looks really strong.

Who will win out in the end?

Where will the Egg end up?

Which came first, the mech or the Peeps?

I mean, clearly the Peeps have The Egg now, but did they steal it from mech and he (or she) is coming to get it back? Or is the mech trying to steal The Egg from Peeps, who clearly are quite fond of it?

Peep One
last update: 04/12 @ 11:35

And we’ve been watching the Netflix series, F1 Drive to Survive, and that was clearly an influence on Sarah’s Peep diorama this year.

(I prefer to think it was the show and not Robert’s learner’s permit that supplied the inspiration.)

Red Bull is one (actually, two) of the teams in the Formula One circuit that the show has followed over a couple seasons.

Here, played out in Peeps…

Clearly there are some non-peepy elements to this diorama.

But the hot wheel track, cars and Ferrari model really give it some authenticity.

And pit row and reviewing stands bring it all together.

(Just ignore the sink and dishes in the background.)

Apr 10, 2020

Easter Eggs
last update: 04/10 @ 23:34

We dyed eggs tonight.

And this time we found the candy color dye pack: it includes a gloss to layer on after the dye dries.

And Sarah and Robert heard about using regular food dye as a drizzle or painted on.

And then Robert got the idea for an eye.

And Sarah tried to talk him out of it.

But I said, see how it looks.

Now this Easter egg needs to make it until next Halloween…

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