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Feb 25, 2007

More Snow…
last update: 02/25 @ 23:23

We didn’t get any photos in the last snow / ice storm. But here’s Robert posing in his Fire Chief’s hat. We swapped the Fire Chief hat for a snow hat before a quick trip to the store. Now we’re waiting for the layer of ice expected to top this off. We’re getting used to be being back from Costa Rica, but it’d nice to not have the ice to deal with.

Feb 01, 2007

Costa Rica photos are here!
last update: 02/01 @ 21:39

The Costa Rica 2007 notes and photos are up. There are a couple pages. And I want to thank Carlos, Jonle, Romy and Alfredo for their help and hospitality. We all had a great time!

last update: 02/01 @ 10:46

Forget all this international world traveler stuff; the important news is that after much assembly effort on David’s part (thanks for nothing Ikea) Robert has spent the night in his first very own big boy bed!!! (With a mid-evening re-positioning from the floor back onto the bed again but he didn’t even wake up for that.) We had originally figured on putting the bed up as a loft then letting him play in the playhouse area underneath but several warning stickers made it clear that we were not to do that until later. But he likes it so far, and will like it even more once we put in the real mattress instead of his crib mattress stand in.

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