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Jan 26, 2009

Growth Spurt?
last update: 01/26 @ 15:21

So, Robert comes running into our room this morning and, using his impressive vocabulary, starts elaborating on the amount and layout of food he would like for breakfast.
Quote: “I don’t want to go to school today, I just want to stay home all day and eat. Maybe waffles, in little pieces, with dipping sauce (syrup) in the middle and….”
He’s a good eater. :)

Jan 21, 2009

The Future….
last update: 01/21 @ 00:46

…is now. Future voters watch, sort of, the swearing in of president #44 while looking for Chad and Cec in the crowds on TV.

Jan 13, 2009

Loren Williams: 1927 - 2009
last update: 01/13 @ 01:51

We bid farewall to my dad at about 3AM this morning. It was not unexpected: he’d been fighting lymphoma for about 18 months. Wyman Loren Williams, Jr.

Jan 10, 2009

Mt. Vernon Rec Center Swim Class
last update: 01/10 @ 22:01

Swim class. Ciaron, Julia, Robert, Caroline and someone we didn’t know all had an o.k. class. And a lot of fun in the free swim afterwards. Thanks for the pictures Cec.

Jan 08, 2009

T-Rex Drinking from Juice Box
last update: 01/08 @ 21:02

Toothpicks. The new creative successor to scotch tape. And in motion, the waffle iron packaging does look like a T-Rex and the tube does look like he’s drinking from a juice box.

Only $25 dollars from the dinosaur pet store. A bargain.

Jan 05, 2009

First Sunday in 2009
last update: 01/05 @ 10:19
Despite all the parties today felt like a quiet, cool kind of day. We had a surprising amount of down time, playing before Evan’s birthday party, reading lots of books at B&Ns in the afternoon, a late lunch visit to Eammon’s and playing crazy eights before the “we’re not doing anything on the last Sunday of winter break” party. All in all a good day, even if missing the one we both love “more than googleplex fish AND chips from Eammons.” (And that’s saying something.) Below are two pics of hanging out at Ciaron’s, with Caroline and sibling, Romeo and Sibling and assorted parents.

Jan 03, 2009

Improptdu Facebook Reunion
last update: 01/03 @ 21:53

Impromptu Facebook reunion

So for some reason many high school folks are on Facebook and have linked in with each other. I posted a last minute note about a last minute trip back to the homestead and, long story short, a bunch of us ended up having drinks in New Brunswick on New Years Day evening. Pictured left to right, Steve Nolan, SZap, Helen Teitelbaum, Abraham (nee Tom) Zablocki, Sylvia and Beth Breau, and Gadi Freidman, HPHS Class of 1984 +/- 1 yr.

It was good to see them, have a night out and drop Buckaro Banzai refs. Thanks guys. (Fifth Grade picture included for calibration purposes. I’m 2nd row, 4th from right.)

Jan 02, 2009

Hanging with the Fam
last update: 01/02 @ 12:21

Hanging out.

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