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Sep 29, 2014

Sailing, Sailing…
last update: 09/29 @ 22:06
 We wound up a beautiful weekend on the Patapsco River just outside of Baltimore. Sarah arranged another of the extra-curricular activities from Johns Hopkins for us. This one included a skipjack trip around Fort McHenry. More photos in the trips section.

Sep 20, 2014

Big Build
last update: 09/20 @ 18:54
 Robert and I went to the Big Build at the Building Musuem today. It was lots of fun; well attended but not completely packed — they had great weather so many things were able to be set up outside.

The showpiece is this attempt at the a new record for largest toy structure. They are shooting for 60 feet tall (and were well on their way when we stopped in).

There were lots of building trades and materials: high tech flooring and hand-carved wood. Robert split off the last piece of this cedar chunk with one swing of the mallet!

 The blacksmiths were outside — probably just as well.

Along with the stone masons, brick masons and vehicle petting zoo.

The vehicle petting zoo was clearly the loudest part of the show. Especially the police cruiser; probably the only reason the line was not longer was because it was LOUD: flashing lights and many siren options.

All of which, Robert got to play with. Did you know they have a special siren for approaching interections? The frequency is designed to bounce off buildings and travel around corners.

We skipped last year because it is often so crowded. With the weather being so inviting and fun stuff outside, this year was great.

Sep 07, 2014

last update: 09/07 @ 21:49
 I’m not sure Robert gets how special it is to be one of the very few boys invited to Eleanor’s birthday party. I am sure he gets how cool the huge water slide was!

And, of course, we get how cool her parents are and how much fun it is to hang out with them for the day.

Sep 02, 2014

Now we’re back in school
last update: 09/02 @ 21:16
 And if you look back, you’ll see 5th grade starts with a new backpack (although he is still using his Columbia bag for swimming stuff — see 3rd grade link below). And a similar, raring-to-go pose. It really is great that Robert is so jazzed about school.

I think it’s cool that as I looked back at the previous Septembers to track down those links, I ran across trips to the river in every year :) I’m glad Robert the fifth grader is having at least as much fun as Robert the JKer — actually, he looks pretty serious in that JK picture.

Sep 01, 2014

Scott Run
last update: 09/01 @ 21:06
 I decided to stay with the boats while Sarah and Robert checked the falls as Scott Run enters the Potomac. It was a beautiful place and a perfect day for it.

For those looking closely: Robert is not hands paddling a super low volume creek boat down the falls. Just walking around with his boating gear on.

Final run before school starts
last update: 09/01 @ 21:03
 We took the boats out one more time before school starts. Not that school will slow us down too much.

This started as a beautiful but hot summer day.

There were big puffy clouds and just enough water to get down from Angler’s Inn to Lock 10.

Robert continues to look good in his boat. His run down Offut Island was very clean — and it’s low enough that it required a bit of maneuvering.

And Yellow Falls was fun again — and again, Robert had a good line. We stopped for a snack and a little water safety practice (or cooling off by floating through a bit of the rapid).

Today we pulled into the eddy at Scott Run to check out the waterfall (I’ll pop up one of Sarah’s photos). But by the time we got through Stubblefield, the dark clouds were chasing us. Just about the time the boats were all tied down, it stopped raining.

 Robert is not a fan of paddling when there is thunder and lightening around. I can’t say that’s a bad thing.

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