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Dec 29, 2023

Cool, but better water level
last update: 12/29 @ 01:14

Robert was not feeling well but back asleep.

So I took advantage of the time off of work and nicer weather to get on the river.

It’s been raining for a few days so higher water than it’s been in a while — and the temperature was not too bad. I was still consciously conservative to try to stay upright (which I did) as the water was pretty cool.

Dec 25, 2023

Merry Christmas!!!
last update: 12/25 @ 13:08

We mostly waited patiently for Christmas this year.

There were some catnip treats Robert found for Panzer that he was interested in.

But no early unwrapping.

It was great to wake up and wander down to reveal all the fun gifts. Surprisingly, Robert was up before us.

The second time since he’s been home this trip; the first time he was still getting over the travel.

And now he’s back taking a nap.

I’ll have more photos to post later.

Dec 16, 2023

He’s back :)
last update: 12/16 @ 22:25

Robert flew back Wednesday and it’s been great to have him home again.

We celebrated my birthday with the traditional Los Tios dinner (I’ll have to see if Sarah has a photo) and have been enjoying the chance to play some games after picking up a tree and adding our decorations (I’ll need to add more photos of that as well).

Dec 10, 2023

Cold water, warm air
last update: 12/10 @ 15:47

The rains arrived overnight, along with warmer air from the south. That, combined, with the cold Potomac, resulted in some impressive river fog.

Sarah and I walked down to take a look this afternoon between the early rain and the expected storms this evening.

It was a pretty odd site, hard to capture: dense fog from the surface of the river to about 20 feed above it, then it cleared out (but under cloudy skies, harder to see).

Dec 09, 2023

Not so much fall anymore
last update: 12/09 @ 19:51

The heavens are supposed to open tomorrow and we expect to get dumped on by rain.

So Sarah and I took advantage of the warmer (note warmer, not warm) weather to head to Angler’s Inn.

She hiked up the Billy Goat trail and found the secret path to the top of the Maryland chute. Check out her Facebook page for her view.

I stuck with my canoe.

The water was “bracing” :)

And I noticed most of the other folks on the river were in drysuits. But I was warm enough except for my feet — my toes were getting cold.

But that does not detract from how pretty a spot it is, even with the leaves off the trees.

And I got to check in with my favorite heron again (top right corner); I bet he or she does not head south for the winter. This was on the Virginia shore; Sarah said she saw one as well, so it seems like there is a heron family in residence there.

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