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May 31, 2015

last update: 05/31 @ 01:06

It was not really a premier, but private showing of Artists Die Best in Black. There are lots of behind the scenes stories on why the premier, scheduled for earlier this month in Biloxi, was canceled. But I got a ticket to this private showing in Richmond after which Martha (with a broken ankle) and Mark Headley, the producer, took questions.

It was great to join in Martha and all her friends in this first screening. I’m looking forward to seeing it finally released, and it sounds like there may be more in the works…

(And yes, there is a story to the eagle on the left of the photo.)

May 29, 2015

Back in the Present
last update: 05/29 @ 21:04

Back from colonial times and relaxing in a hammock over the creek — a very civilized way to return to the 21 century.

Thanks, Balca, for the great photo!

Preparing to go Back in Time
last update: 05/29 @ 21:02

Robert all dressed and ready for the colonial camp out for school: 24 hours in 1680 or so. A bit of thunder and rain added to the realism — as did hauling water up the hill from the creek to the campsite. The kids (and adults) were pretty beat by an early bedtime.

May 23, 2015

Christmas in May
last update: 05/23 @ 16:18

Robert got this cool zip line from Harry and Elle for Christmas. After lots of discussion, debate and generally staring around the backyard, we developed a plan. With a few more bits, we have it installed now.

Robert pronounced it cool — if a bit scary since you need to drop off at the end. One of the littler kids in the neighborhood, is not at all convinced. She didn’t drop off but was bounced off and took a tough landing. Fortunately, only shaken up, not really hurt.

We’re expecting the first injury to be from running into the corner of treehouse — it’s pretty close.

Oh, if the weather is nice, it’s fun to spray zip-liners with a squirt gun as they pass by…

May 21, 2015

last update: 05/21 @ 21:42

Back to Los Tios to celebrate Sarah’s Birthday!!!

It’s clearly become our go-to birthday option, because, really, who can argue with the sombrero?

May 11, 2015

last update: 05/11 @ 20:58

Robert and the rest of his class had their music recital tonight. He’s still hanging in there on the saxophone; doing a great job and mostly enjoying it (practice can be hard sometimes).

May 10, 2015

Nationals Win
last update: 05/10 @ 23:50

Smiling at the end of the game!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!
last update: 05/10 @ 20:10

We headed into DC to see the Nationals take on the Braves for Mother’s Day. And were joined by Hank and Sally, which made it even more fun.

On the way in, we ran into Jefferson and he conceded to a photo op.

It was too bad the baseball boat wasn’t running, it was a great day for a boat ride to the game. I think the company may have rented the water taxi out for a Mother’s Day cruise — our loss.

Our seats were up on the First Base Line; perfect for seeing the game. And it was a fun game too.

The Nats came on strong taking a 3-0 lead but then the Braves tied it up and went ahead.

Robert and I decided to check out the view from the top of stadium and that was nice too. Today it had the benefit of a nice breeze coming through. It was a bit hot in the sun and the very little bit of ran didn’t cool it down much.

Finally, the Nats rallied for the 5-4 win to sweep the Braves back to Atlanta.

After the game, we went by the splash park since it was a hot day. Robert had lots of fun running through the waterfall. Sarah and I only waded while he did what he could to swim in the 12 inches of water.

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