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Jan 19, 2015

The Met
last update: 01/19 @ 21:25

 We just got back from a trip up to NJ to visit with Harry and Elle. On Sunday, we took Robert to the Met. We went to see the Arms and Armor. But they also have some Mayan artifacts and Robert’s class is about to take a deep dive into Mayan culture.

And Sarah enjoyed Death Becomes Her: A Century of Mourning Attire. I thought it rather dark.

Anyway, we stopped by the Jewels of India and I got Robert to pose with this splendid crown.

Jan 07, 2015

Frist Snow, second sledding
last update: 01/07 @ 16:38
 Sarah got to take the day off yesterday while Robert’s school was closed due to snow. She and he went sledding at Castle Roberto (the Masonic Temple). Today, I had the day off to shuttle us to and from Dr. Hank’s office and so I got to do some sledding at school when I picked him up!

The only reason I can think that we were the only ones out: it was 23 degrees and blustery…

last update: 01/07 @ 13:56
 It’s so cold the snow doesn’t pack very well, but Robert did his best to leave a guard outside Uncle-Doctor Hank’s office after we had our teeth cleaned today.

Jan 06, 2015

Back to the office
last update: 01/06 @ 21:33
 And greeted by ~13,000 unread emails. By the end of the day, I’d gotten it down to just over 10,000. I’m shooting to be under 5 digits by the end of the week…

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