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Mar 29, 2024

Back from Seattle
last update: 03/29 @ 22:24

We had an excellent spring break trip.

It was great to catch up with Robert in person (and see him in his professional space).

We were able to spend some time with Lynn and David.

The weather was unexpectedly fantastic.

We got to see hockey, ultimate, Vancouver and lots of mountains.

We did a little bit of hiking.

And saw some eastern Washington vineyards (and sampled some of their wine).

More photos in the vacations section; and special note — these are late breaking hockey photos from Sarah and not in the longer form page.

don’t be shy about checking out Sarah’s Facebook page for more of her photos.

Mar 10, 2024

Skipping down memory lane
last update: 03/10 @ 14:07

Sarah and I were looking over some old photos and she pointed out that she had this copy of Linux Journal featuring a photo of Robert (with less hair) and me (with more hair).

That giant data set from the cover article: 200GB — still respectable but not what we call big data these days.

I miss the magazine and the metro ride to read it on.

Mar 09, 2024

last update: 03/09 @ 11:30

Reese and Danni’s wedding celebration was fantastic!

Michelle and Sarah met in college and have remained very close since then. Reese is one of Michelle’s sons. And now she has a new daughter.

So we were happy to help celebrate.

And celebrate we did!

The fog on the dance floor was a nice touch.

Everyone seemed to have a great time.

Reese and Danni clearly enjoyed being surrounded by family and friends.

And, as you can see, Sarah and Michelle loved the time together for the happy occasion.

We drove up on Saturday (stopping to visit with Ian and Sophie) and came back Monday. That led to very nice and relaxed day to cheer on the happy couple.

And to enjoy some of Long Island’s classics: a huge breakfast at Hauppauge Palace Diner and a lovely lunch at a very nice Italian restaurant (queue Billy Joel): Mannino’s.

Before that lunch on Monday, Sarah took us to Sunken Meadows State Park.

Even on a gray day, it was lovely and a great way to stretch our legs before getting the car.

Best of luck to the happy couple and all thier friends and family!

Quick trip to NY
last update: 03/09 @ 11:04

We took a quick trip up to Long Island for a wedding last weekend.

(I’ve been fighting with network routing at home this week, more on that later.)

And I have to say, what qualifies as “low price” there is not what I would say was a low price.

Clearly, NYC has lots of good reasons to reduce cars; the price of gas is one of them.

We took advantage of the wedding being on Long Island to stop off and say “hi,” to Sophie and Ian in their new place.

We were too busy catching up and touring the very nice brownstone to take any pictures (next time).

That was a very fun, though too short, break on the drive and I hope we’ll be back soon.

This was the first time I’ve seen the built-in navigation in Corey (the Mazada) while in a tunnel. It’s very futuristic :)

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