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Jun 28, 2020

Back to the river
last update: 06/28 @ 11:08

We went back to Violette’s Lock yesterday to get out of the house, on the water, and remain socially distant.

There were some folks swimming where the rope swing used to be — note the steps up the tree. And they took this great photo. Thank you!

Sarah elected to go with a kayak for this trip because we start on the Maryland side and paddle across the river to the Virginia side above the dam and then back to the Maryland side below the rapids. A fair amount of a cross current ferry moves.

The weather was hot, but it was much cooler on the river, especially when the cool front/storm clouds blew over. We made it back home before the rains started.

The storm clouds are behind the camera for this timer picture on our way back to the Maryland side to paddle up the canal to our car.

A very nice summer outing.

Jun 21, 2020

Look what I got for Father’s Day!!!
last update: 06/21 @ 14:04

I have a new tea pot, Rare Tea tea to go in it, a new shirt, and…

More wooden train track!!!

Now we have enough to go all the way up to the table (and we had one ramp to spare).

It was a pretty awesome collaboration between Robert and me (I did the ramp).

But, alas, I wanted to get one more picture and hooked my ankle on the tracks and brought most of it down.

But not before several round trips proving it was stable and actually workable. I’m sure there will be future versions…

Yes some of those wooden blocks were mine several decades ago (and my brothers’ before that). The core trains and track came from cousin Aaron.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

Jun 07, 2020

Mallows Bay
last update: 06/07 @ 17:36

Sarah has been talking about the Ghost Fleet for a while now. Today we finally made it to Mallows Bay, a marine sanctuary in our own back yard.

The Coronavirus restrictions have kept us around the house for a couple months now, but the stay-at-home order is easing. And outside, away from crowds seems like a perfectly safe place to be.

The weather warming up (it was a bit hot) helped as well.

For this expedition, we got out the older, two person (two plus, if the plus is a small enough boy) canoe. Along with my whitewater canoe.

The park suggests no inflatables as there is a lot of sunken ship debris right at the waterline.

The channel beyond the wrecks was a bit choppy and the wind was blowing enough to prevent you from stopping for very long. But once you were back in and amogst the hulks, it was much calmer.

We even found a shady spot to sit on some driftwood logs and eat a snack.

A very nice way to slowly get back outside.

Jun 02, 2020

Maybe looking better?
last update: 06/02 @ 22:50

Still a lot of noise, but that trend is starting to look good. Sarah was volunteering at the call center during the cities recent free testing events on Memorial day. I think the results of that additional testing has all been collated now to so that makes this look even better to me.

I’m going to continue to think those two high days Thursday and Friday after Memorial day stem from that increased testing.

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