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Sun, 07 Jun 2020

Mallows Bay

Sarah has been talking about the Ghost Fleet for a while now. Today we finally made it to Mallows Bay, a marine sanctuary in our own back yard.

The Coronavirus restrictions have kept us around the house for a couple months now, but the stay-at-home order is easing. And outside, away from crowds seems like a perfectly safe place to be.

The weather warming up (it was a bit hot) helped as well.

For this expedition, we got out the older, two person (two plus, if the plus is a small enough boy) canoe. Along with my whitewater canoe.

The park suggests no inflatables as there is a lot of sunken ship debris right at the waterline.

The channel beyond the wrecks was a bit choppy and the wind was blowing enough to prevent you from stopping for very long. But once you were back in and amogst the hulks, it was much calmer.

We even found a shady spot to sit on some driftwood logs and eat a snack.

A very nice way to slowly get back outside.



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