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Feb 12, 2006

Afternoon Sledding
last update: 02/12 @ 19:41
We had so much fun this morning, we went back after Robert’s nap. For the afternoon, we headed to the back of the Masonic Memorial. Much fun was had by all.

last update: 02/12 @ 13:13
Robert got a chance to go SLEDDING today. A good time was had by all; photos in his section. (You’ll have to scroll past the rocking horse photos — maybe you’ll slow down for the metro photos on your way to the snow photos.)

Feb 04, 2006

What is that blur?
last update: 02/04 @ 15:03
The last of Robert’s Christmas presents arrived and has now been assembled. There are a couple more photos of Robert’s first ride.

Working on a series…
last update: 02/04 @ 14:30

..of Robert eating corn on the cob pictures. He does like his corn on the cob. We stopped at National Airport on the way home (actually met there, Sarah and Robert we two trains ahead of me) last week for dinner at Legal Seafoods. Where, once again, Robert devoured his corn on the cob — he even had a second piece for dessert.

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