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Jun 14, 2018

One more time…
last update: 06/14 @ 22:49

Bookends to Robert’s time at Burgundy Farm.

The morning of the first day, walking across the blacktop (now the Campus Commons) on the way to Junior Kindergarten.

And sitting on the outdoor stage (part of the new Campus Commons and not from that first day photo) after graduation (and before the Caps won the Stanley cup).

Jun 08, 2018

The Future is so Bright…
last update: 06/08 @ 09:15

… Our newly minted High Schooler has to wear shades.

It’s been quite a journey; thank you Sally for the Burgundy recommendation. It was a good fit for Robert.

Here’s a look back:

I’ll gather those all together over the weekend to make it easier to see.

September 2, 2008.

Jun 07, 2018

An End to an Era
last update: 06/07 @ 23:44

Robert’s post-graduation look. The ceremony (designed and organized by the class of 2018) was great!!!

And they happened to have graduation on a Stanley Cup game day with the Washington Capitals in the game.

Better still, as a graduation gift to the class of 2018: The Caps won the Stanley Cup!

Jun 06, 2018

The new kitchen!
last update: 06/06 @ 19:11

Really, we can’t say it’s done. But the contractor’s work is almost complete. We have some more work to but, but we’re back home and loving it.

More photos in the personal section. And probably a few more to add there over time…

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