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Oct 31, 2018

And the aftermath…
last update: 10/31 @ 20:34

A crazy huge haul. We measured a bit over 7 pounds!!!

Too much to histogram on the table (and it would have taken a while). Just sorting was impressive…

last update: 10/31 @ 19:47

That spooky time of year!!!

Fortunately, we have George the Giraffe to look after us.

This year, Robert decided that the kitties pumpkins needed to be carved (as well as the full-sized ones).

And he took that on free hand,

One Pinker….

…One Panzer.

For the full-sized pumpkins, we have (starting at the top)

The Stig (if you’re not familiar, you need to watch Top Gear), a traditional grumpy/scary face (now with improved? nose technique), and a dinosaur.

The fancy scroll work is all Robert; he may have found his calling.

Sarah is doing a great job of being Dolores from Westworld, the first season, before she started killing everyone.

Robert is a coral reef restoration diver. Good think we opted for the waterproof cast (hidden on his right hand).

The weather was perfect, no need for coats and Robert in shorts was fine (Sarah may even have been a little over dressed).

Oct 29, 2018

And not a moment too soon…
last update: 10/29 @ 19:50

Handball in PE injury: fracture on Robert’s right wrist. That would surely have taken him out of the volleyball rotation.

We see the ortho doctor tomorrow who will tell us if he keeps the splint he has or gets a hard cast.

Oct 28, 2018

End of the Season
last update: 10/28 @ 22:46

The volleyball season is over. The Titans did a great job, especially considering this was the first season they were in any games.

They may be really hard to beat next year!

Robert, and his teammates, seemed to have a lot of fun and make huge strides in their playing.

Oct 21, 2018

Wonderful Evening!!!
last update: 10/21 @ 23:11

Sarah did another great thing: she signed us up to host a Groupmuse concert. You offer to open your house, ask friends to come by (or they will fill out with neighbors) and yoiu get a private concert.

It was fantastic!!! Joel Michael-Schwartz on mandolin and Todd Shelar on guitar were a lot of fun to listen to, meet and get to know. We recommend others sign up (or come by the next time we host). It’s a great evening.

(Also, a very nice way to enjoy the work recently done on the house.)

School Photo
last update: 10/21 @ 21:36

The fake text books are a classic touch for our first High School photo :)

Oct 20, 2018

last update: 10/20 @ 20:28

The Titans only had 5 players for the games this afternoon but they split the matches. With only 5 players, not substitutes; everyone played the whole time. Robert’s serves are greatly improved from the start of the season and here he’s doing a great job here keeping the ball alive for a Titan score.

Sarah is looking for rec leagues to pick up when the school season ends next week.

Oct 12, 2018

The volleyball season continues
last update: 10/12 @ 17:59

We’re past the halfway point. The new TC team is getting some really good volleys and winning some hard fought games.

Robert had games Wednesday and Thursday this week and we’re back out at VVC on Saturday for more.

They learned to move the seats to the side of the court for the second round that TC hosted.

Oct 02, 2018

Volleyball Schedule is tough
last update: 10/02 @ 23:32

They cram a lot of games into a short season. Robert is still having fun, as is the rest of the team.

Of course, waiting for the firemen to clear the building after the fire alarm was less fun…

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