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May 29, 2006

last update: 05/29 @ 21:36
We had a very nice trip down to Seven Devils this weekend. Actually we left Wednesday night and came back Sunday — that did a good job of avoiding the weekend traffic. David’s mom is doing very well for 4 weeks post-stroke. She’s pretty much completely mobile and really enjoyed a chance to play with Robert. She is working very hard on overcoming on some confusion as her brain is recuperating.

We’ll have some more photos in a day or so… For now, there are many in Robert’s section, including several more bear photos from Grandfather Mountain.

May 23, 2006

More fun….
last update: 05/23 @ 21:14

..with my new toy with the camera in it. Sitting on the living room couch playing with the new computer and the WiFi in home network.

May 22, 2006

My new MacBook
last update: 05/22 @ 09:42

So, we’re sitting there, minding our own business and playing with Mommy’s new birthday present (a MacPro notebook -thank you David!) when we notice some familiar faces staring back at us. Who knew this thing had a camera built into it?!

May 20, 2006

More from Mother’s Day..
last update: 05/20 @ 22:25
More photos of our Mother’s Day farm trip in Robert’s section (you have to scroll down a bit.)

May 16, 2006

Makes you wonder…
last update: 05/16 @ 22:53
You build a new house — not yet finished, by the way after more than a year — but somehow you end up with some pretty old looking appliances to have the city haul off. I wonder how that happened…..

May 14, 2006

last update: 05/14 @ 21:26

One more weekend picture…. Robert and I returned from eating our way through Whole Foods at precisely the same time David arrived back from boating at Great Falls with Hank, thus Robert got a chance to climb over, around, and through David’s squirt boat. While he may not be ready for the river yet, I anticipate that it won’t be too long before we get him into a ducky.

Happy Mother’s Day
last update: 05/14 @ 21:02

We had a just perfect mother’s day which started off with mommy sleeping in (thank you David.) After breakfast and playing with blocks off we went to Oxen Hill Farm ( for a look around.

What a terrific place that is. It’s a working farm run by the National Park Service and though it’s less than 15 minutes from us, we were the only ones there when we arrived. We attended the chicken feeding all by ourselves, were flogged by a rooster, and said hello to every kind of farm animal there is. Toward the end of our visit three other children and their various parents did show up but that just gave Robert an excuse to run back and visit the ducks, turkey and horsies one more time. After going home and getting a nice long nap for everyone during the rain we all went off for an early dinner. When the restaurant came out with a long stemmed rose, Robert grabbed it and happily yelled “STICK”. Yes, Robert, mommy has a stick with a flower. Very nice. I dare say a good time was had by all.

May 13, 2006

Gimme that change!!!
last update: 05/13 @ 21:37
It was a lovely day in the park today. More photos (including tricycle photos) in Robert’s section.

May 10, 2006

Hello Tri-Tots
last update: 05/10 @ 21:06

Though we worried about Robert settling in to ‘the big kid’s class’ he didn’t seem to have the same concerns. He walked in the first day, was presented with a hug and a bagel, and all was well.

Snack Buddies
last update: 05/10 @ 21:05

Robert and Evan seem to enjoy their gymnastics play group but I’m thinking that snack time and hanging wit da boys is as much fun for them as anything else. “Hey bud, pass me a PWETZEL!” (Click on the picture to get a better look.)

My old house?
last update: 05/10 @ 21:04

Found myself on woodland ave. of Georgia Ave. in Silver Spring the other day and thought I would drive by the old homestead. Alas, that tiny brick house on that huge plot of land has succumbed to the inevitable and my old house is now a new mondo suburban, as are all the neighboring houses around it. They left the azaleas though so that’s good.

May 01, 2006

Goodbye Penn Quarter
last update: 05/01 @ 00:05

Today was Robert’s last day at Penn Quarter Partnership daycare. I was good and didn’t cry, though each of the kids (and teachers) got lots of hugs. I’m thrilled that Robert will be going to Tri-Tots daycare, a.k.a. ‘the most beautiful daycare center on gawd’s green earth’, and with Ms. Marcia to boot, but still - those kids have been with Robert since they were all just 5 months old and I’ll miss them. And so will he.

Clockwise from Robert we have Finn, Sean, Verity, Xavier and Noah. Jeremiah came later and Guilia, (also known as JuJu) is away for the week and is probably not coming back either. Ms. Cherie is there handing out biscuits. Ladies and gentlemen, Robert has left the building.

I’m sure the denizens of the fourth Starbucks there in as many blocks will appreciate their lattes unperturbed by thoughts of who previously occupied their coffee purveyor’s space, she said unbitterly.

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