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Jun 27, 2006

Old Town Braces for more flooding…
last update: 06/27 @ 12:56
As the Monsoon season starts to wind down here (we hope after 10+ inches of rain in a couple days) Old Town’s waterfront is getting ready for high tide the the crest of flooding from the Potomac. More photos in Robert’s section.

Jun 21, 2006

last update: 06/21 @ 22:00
Steve sent up The blueberry photo from our visit with then last month. Thank you for taking that photo :)

Jun 19, 2006

last update: 06/19 @ 22:04

Our other new source of non-stop fun is TRAINS!!! Thanks to cousin Aaron for passing on his Brio’s and his Thomases Robert opened the bag and promptly started assembling track and trains. It was yet another one of those “I didn’t know he could do that” moments. I see a train table in his future.

last update: 06/19 @ 21:53

So Monday’s are gymnastics with Evan and Robert can’t decide whether he likes the foam pit best or the in-ground trampoline. Personally, I like the foam pit best if only because it’s just so funny.

Jun 11, 2006

Elephant Shower….
last update: 06/11 @ 14:02
We made it to the National Zoo today in time for the baby elephant’s shower. More photos in Robert’s section.

Jun 03, 2006

More NC Photos
last update: 06/03 @ 11:44
There are a few more photos from our North Carolina trip in Robert’s section. (This one is the porch of David’s old house in Richmond.) But I’m still waiting for Steve to send along the blueberry photo.

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