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Feb 26, 2012

Planetary Alignment
last update: 02/26 @ 19:59
That’s Jupiter to the left of the moon and Venus down below it. Pretty alignment and cool to be able to snap these pictures hand held from the front steps. (Well… I did stroll to the corner to get a better view of the Masonic Temple for scale and location.)

I even dragged Robert out to see before his shower tonight. Speaking of which… I better go get him out of the shower.

Difficult Run
last update: 02/26 @ 17:51
We took a short drive almost to Great Falls and went on a short hike down Difficult Run this afternoon. The weather was spectacular (especially for February). More photos in Robert’s section.

Feb 19, 2012

Happy 80th!!!
last update: 02/19 @ 23:22
I took a quick flight down to Atlanta for my mom’s 80th birthday. We had a small party for her and I think she really enjoyed it. I know she really liked the cake Susan made — her expression and loving look were great.

The cards were fun for her to read, and she also truly enjoyed getting a nicely illustrated Mother Goose book. She seems to be on a mostly even keel and it looks like there may be a room opening up in a nicer facility, still very close to the Decatur Williamses.

Feb 11, 2012

last update: 02/11 @ 20:06
Well… We came home from our skiing trip via Luray Caverns. And the skiing was both fun and engrossing enough that we have no photos. We’ll just have to go back. There are more photos of the walk through the caverns though.

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