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Nov 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Chess
last update: 11/27 @ 21:52
We ran up to New Jersey for Thanksgiving this year. Going up Thursday morning and coming home after dinner Saturday worked out well for us and the traffic. We had a good time visiting with lots of family and catching up on the doings of the Zapolsky-Conzevoys. More photos in the vacations section.

Nov 20, 2011

Tot Lot upgrades
last update: 11/20 @ 16:32
We’re hoping the city will smile on us and make some upgrades to our corner tot lot. To that end, Robert gathered a couple friends to go look sad in the park. This is not his sad face but there some sad faces in the additional photos in his section.

Nov 13, 2011

A walk in the woods
last update: 11/13 @ 19:51
It was such a nice fall day today, and we did all our chores yesterday so we looked for new trail to explore. Sarah was interested in Turkey Run Park. Actually, she was interested in Claude Moore Colonial Farm which the map and park service seem to show as being pretty much the same. However, they really are not. And we realized that once we got to Turkey Run Park.

Not seeing a way to the farm from the park, we decided to check out the trail to the river. It was a bit steep, with lots of switchbacks down from the parking lot. At the shore, it connected up with the Potomac Heritage trail on the banks of the Potomac. (That is not actually the trail — that’s Sarah and Robert climbing up a mostly dry creek bed.)

I went to check Google Maps to provide a link, which is here. You really have to click that link, not so much to see where the park is as to see how cool it is to look down on an airplane approaching National Airport. That’s what the satellite happened to catch (you might have to close the pop-up label for the park, the plane is flying over the river).

The trail was very nice and the weather was great. Maybe one day we’ll set a shuttle and hike on down to Roosevelt Island.

After we got back to the car, we drove by the CIA to the very nice Claude Moore Colonial Farm. It was clearly the slow period: until we were leaving, we didn’t really see anyone but docents at the farm. They were very nice and showed Robert how to make a candle. (In a bow to the vegetarian visitors, they now use pure bees wax rather than beef tallow.) Fortunately we were schooled in candle making before the gander stuck his beak in the hot wax and created a distraction while they tried to get the wax off…

A very nice day followed by a lovely candle-lit dinner!

Nov 06, 2011

Closing Weekend
last update: 11/06 @ 21:19
We went to the West Virginia campus of Robert’s School this weekend to help close the place down for the winter. There is a lot of work involved not so much winterizing as minimizing the chance for damage over the months when no one lives there.

Part of the closing work is putting the garden in it’s winter layer of hay.

That involves a lot of raking up the hay from the field next to the garden. And that’s not a small field.

So we were pretty busy this morning filling up three trailer loads of hay. Of course that means a hay ride to cart it to the garden where it’s pitched over the fence.


The kids are pitched over the fence. Or sometimes they jump! Sometimes even the caretaker backs up the truck a bit so you have a higher spot to jump from and it’s easy to clear the fence.

That sort of jump require serious concentration.

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