Thanksgiving 2011

November 25, 2011 (phonecam). We ventured up to New Jersey for Thanksgiving this year. We've been hosting for several years, but this year David Z. was staying on the West Coast, Ian was in New York and Harry and Elle have their house on the market. All that pointed to Thanksgiving in Highland Park, which was lovely. Robert, now in chess club, challenged his Grandpa to a game of chess — you can see it's not going well for him here.
I was very remiss in photos of the family. There was too much good conversation going on. Ian brought a friend, Evan, from Seattle down on the train for dinner — Robert was looking very sad when he realized Ian was going back after dinner. But we played some Thanksgiving soccer in the side yard (and couldn't avoid noticing the For Sale sign). Harry and Elle have a line on place with no stairs and access to pools, billiards, game rooms and a fitness club. November 25, 2011.
November 24, 2011 (SZap phonecam). Here's a photo Sarah snapped of Robert and Ian in the grand Phase 10 game we had going. There were enough folks who wanted to play that we teamed up — Robert and Ian made an awesome team. (I'm not sure who was winning, but I am sure Sarah and I were losing.)

Friday, the weather was so spectacular we took Robert's bike down to Johnson Park for some action shots. OK, not all of the shots were action shots... But many were.

With the recent rains, there was a little stream to ford, which was kind of fun. And then Robert got out onto the horse track — it took a while for him to go all the way around.

November 25, 2011.
November 25, 2011. November 25, 2011.
November 25, 2011. As we were heading back towards the house Robert said, "Hey, how about a picture of me riding my bike really fast, maybe blurry, and we could send it out in January and say that the year is going by so fast." I didn't record it, but that's pretty much what he said. So there you go: Robert, blurry with speed, riding by on his bike to show how fast the year[s] is going.

Vacation notes: