Tybee Island Reunion

This is just a brief note (too brief) on the Hendry Family Reunion Sarah and I got back from just in time to settle on our new house. Thus the brevity of this note; we have things to do. There is way too much about the reunion elsewhere so this will just be a few highlights. (As usual, you can click on any of the images for a larger version.)

Tybee Island is a beautiful spot about 10 miles outside of Savanah, Georgia. The lighthouse offers great views, as you can see. And also obvious in these photos, the weather was spectacular for our visit. It was somewhat surreal to see the Halloween decorations while it was 80 degrees out, but I don't think any one complianed about the weather.

And speaking of Halloween, my Dad brought his Volunteer Firefighter's gear so the younger generation could try it out; of course, it was a great hit.
As was the beach.
However much fun the beach was, what with kite flying and beach combing and even some body surfing by crazed kids who spend too much time in Atlanta, away from the ocean, it was not the main event.
The main event was a luncheon get-together of many, many Hendrys, of whom the Williamses are a branch from Lorraine Hendry Williams, my Grandmother.
This is pretty much all the folks who showed up for the luncheon.
And this is the Williams contingent; my estimation was not quite half.
I said the first group was almost everyone from the luncheon, I managed to miss Dudley Hendry somehow and some of the cousins really wanted a picture with him.

I'm pleased to say the rather larger family gathering didn't seem to phase Sarah at all. I think she really enjoyed meeting folks and hearing some of the stories. And we both needed a break from house buying anxiety; I'm sure there will be more on that later.
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Vacation notes: