Spring Break, March 2011

March 21, 2011 (phonecam). For Robert's spring break, Sarah found a discount at Great Wolf Lodge — close to Williamsburg. As an added bonus, based on the fun we had last year with some of Robert's classmates, she convinced a couple classmates to join us.

Much like last year, it was hard to get Robert out of the Lazy River. We went around and around and around, and then around. Going under the waterfall turned out to be more fun than going through it. But it was just plain fun (and Sarah and I enjoyed it too).

We took turns on whose room to invade in the evening, and the kids wound down with a little bit of computer gaming while the parents shared a nice glass of wine. It was a very civilized time.

March 21, 2011 (phonecam).
March 21, 2011 (phonecam). March 20, 2011 (phonecam) Will, Sebastian and Robert watching Dylan.
March 20, 2011 (phonecam). In addition to the swimming and putt-putt golf, this year we went in for the magic wand thing. Robert was pretty fascinated last year by the other kids running around and waving their wand at things that talked or glowed or moved. It may have been a good investment because we did about 8 "quests" and each one required at least one flight of stairs down and one back up — usually more than one trip each way. So he was pretty tired at the end of the day.
After all the excitement of swimming, golf and Magic Questing, we split up from the classmates Tuesday morning and drove home via Williamsburg. I was a little older than Robert when I went on a field trip there and this was Sarah's first trip. The day started out cool and gray but the sun eventually burned off the clouds and it turned into a really nice day to spend wandering the historic streets and paths. March 20, 2011 (phonecam).
March 21, 2011 (phonecam) Dylan, Sebastian and Robert tower over Sarah. March 22, 2011.
March 22, 2011. March 22, 2011.
March 22, 2011. March 22, 2011.
March 22, 2011. We walked around the Palace and through the gardens (where it was obvious spring had sprung).
And we took a tour through the palace. I was afraid Robert wouldn't like it and might get fussy (I don't know why, he hardly ever does). But he was intrigued throughout the tour. The show of firepower in the entrance hall enthralled him and then, after learning the polite way to bow in the parlor, he practiced bowing the rest of the day. March 22, 2011.
March 22, 2011. March 22, 2011.
March 22, 2011. If only we'd gotten the hat before the tour, he would have really been set for bowing.
March 22, 2011. March 22, 2011.
Of course we had to visit the gunsmith (and then had to drag Robert away...). March 22, 2011.
March 22, 2011. And you can't visit without locking yourself in the pillory, stockade and jail cell. But eventually, you have to be set free to return to the 21st century. Robert has proven that you can still practice your bowing after leaving Colonial Williamsburg.
March 22, 2011. March 22, 2011.

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