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Currently this is a personal site of interest to family and friends.

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General Advice
Try just a word or two. This search engine knows nothing about complete sentences or proper English. It's more likely to find what you are looking for it you try something like "David Resume" than "I'm looking for David's resume, can you help me?"

This determines how the words you are looking for are used by the search engine.

  • All -- Files must contain all the words you are looking for (Boolean AND)
  • Any -- Files must contain at least one of the words you are looking for (Boolean OR)
  • Boolean -- Your search term is a Boolean expression
Boolean expressions need to be 'correct' in order for the search system to use them. Examples of correct expressions are:
cat and dog, cat not dog, cat or (dog not nose).
Note that the operator not has the meaning of 'without'.

This determines how much information will be in the search results for each matching file.

  • Long -- Shows title, description, url and size
  • Short -- Title only

This determines the order in which the matching files are displayed

  • Score -- Most relevent matches first
  • Title -- Alphabetical by title
  • Reverse Score -- Least relevent matches first
  • Reverse Title -- reverse alphabetical by title

Matches per page
This determines how many matches are displayed on each results page.

  • 10 -- Up to 10 matching files per page
  • 20 -- Up to 20 matching files per page
  • 50 -- Up to 50 matching files per page

Search Algorithm:
This determines what the search engine counts as a match.

  • Exact, Synonyms, Endings -- The words you searched for plus common synonyms and word endings (plural, etc.)
  • Exact -- Just the word you seached for
  • Exact, Synonyms, Endings, Soundex -- The words you searched for plus common synonyms and word endings (plural, etc.) plus words that sound like the words you searched for

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