Bob's 50th Birthday Party March, 2002

We invited Bob and family to come by to celebrate his 50th birthday not realizing that Steve, Helen and Aaron were planning on being in town as well. So we boxed up Steve and forced Bob to open his "present" as soon as he walked in the door -- there was plenty of air in the box but it was kind of dark so we didn't want to leave Steve in there too long.

Bob looking a little worried about the box.
Bob get the box off of Steve.

Bob was was a little worried what was in the box; I'm sure he'd seen duct tape used to wrap many "interesting" things. The box was big and bulky enough that taking it off, the box blocked his view of what he was uncovering.

It was really great to see how surprised and happy he was to see Steve, his roommate from Richmond in the 1970s, there to help celebrate!

Bob and his surprise.
William wasn't sure that really was Bob in the picture.

William wasn't entirely sure if he could believe that was his dad in the picture Bob is holding, but there were enough folks around who were on that river trip, that we convinced him.

Bob, being the senior member of the group, made sure we didn't mess up the signing of "Happy Birthday." We did manage to remember the lyrics. And he managed to blow out the candles (though the cake was too small for all 50).

Bob conducts Happy Birthday.
The kids and women who love them.

We even got several of the younger set to stop by and help celebrate. Aaron had a great time playing with Natalie while Sally had a great time playing with Wyatt and Ken and Nancy enjoyed the chance to visit with Bob, Celia, Hank, Sally, Steve, Helen and us. We just enjoyed having everyone around.

Vacation notes: