Jersey Shore, September, 2007

Oriana, Elle, Sarah, Robert, Sebastian, Harry -- September 26, 2007. We drove up to Brant Beach, New Jersey for a long weekend at the end of September. We met Sarah's dad, Elle, Oriana and Sebastian there -- her dad and Elle wanted to spend some time at the beach and invited the east coast family to join them.
That was the time to be there. The weather was neither too hot nor too cool: no one suffered any sunburn. And the water was cool but still inviting. And the full moon was a very nice touch. Robert and Sebastian both enjoyed having more adults to read to and play with them. Septemeber 26, 2007.
Septemeber 27, 2007. We drove up Wednesday afternoon. Thursday was overcast but very nice on the beach. It was cool but not too cold to get wet. And being mid-week, off-season, the beach was pretty much ours. The main draw for Robert and Sebastian on this trip: the huge sand box!
September 27, 2007. September 27, 2007.
September 27, 2007. Septemeber 27, 2007.
September 27, 2007. Septemeber 27, 2007.

The guys got along very well. Sharing toys and showing off their tooth brushing styles.

The clouds thinned the next day and the sun poked in and out of them. The surfers and sailboats were out. And Robert and his downstairs friend, Lily (from Vermont), enjoyed the sand, sun, and water.

Septemeber 28, 2007.
September 28, 2007. While it was a long weekend, it was not long enough. We started packing up Saturday for our trip back. Robert took advantage of the two beds at just the right distance from each other to work on his frog jumping skills. Sebastian was pretty intrigued, but needed a helping hand to jump the 3 foot gap.
September 29, 2007. Septemeber 29, 2007.
The clouds were completely gone by Saturday and while it was chilly Friday night, the blue sky Saturday was really spectacular. Septemeber 29, 2007.
Septemeber 29, 2007. September 29, 2007.
September 29, 2007. Clearly, neither Robert nor Sebastian was really excited at the thought of getting into cars and leaving... Really, no one wanted to leave.
But our time was up and someone else was due to arrive in the afternoon. So we loaded up the car and headed home by way of Barnegat Lighthouse, on the northern tip of New Jersey's Long Beach Island. There were a lot of steps to get to the top, but the view was worth it. And getting a little stretch in before the drive home was a great idea. Septemeber 29, 2007.
September 29, 2007. Septemeber 29, 2007.
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