Christmas 2001

We spent Christmas this year in New Jersey with Harry and Leonor, and were joined by David, Lindsay, Ian, Oriana and Nick. Sarah took the opportunity to introduce Ian to ice skating at a local rink. They both had a blast! Ian and Aunt Sarah on the ice.
Ian and Aunt Sarah on the ice. Ian and Aunt Sarah on the ice.
Lindsay, Ian, David and the cool nerf gun. Ian got the coolest gift this year, a nerf gun that we all had a lot of fun playing with in the basement.
Elle arguably got the prettiest gift, her new hat. Leonor, Oriana, Nick and the new hat.
Laudray room? We got the most "interesting" gift: a new bathroom. Loren and Susan took me at my word when I said that's what we wanted from them this year; if they had an extra after their remodeling. The scale was a little off but it let us play with placement. Would we like a bathroom added to our laundry room? Or perhaps our back porch? Maybe the basement it the right place -- we're still mulling that over.
Back porch? The basment?
Ian, David and Sim Zoo. While it wasn't a Christmas gift, another cool thing to play with this year was Ian's Sim Zoo; some of us especially enjoyed the chance to see just what happens if the zebras are in the same enclosure with the lions...