Marsha and Bob's Wedding

Marsha and Bob had a great wedding in September on the Outer Banks. Sarah and I had a great time there meeting the families and friends and enjoying the fine company and excellent surroundings. We didn't really realize quite how much stress the house buying was causing us until we got away from it for a couple of days. And the Outer Banks was a great place to go.
As usual, you can get a larger version of the images by clicking on them here.

The wedding was held outside this lovely beach house (mansion).

The wedding concluded with a very nice meal inside the house as the sunset over the water (I didn't try for any sunset pictures, however).

Marsha's mom (whose name I'll add as soon as I remember it -- I've always been horrible with names) gets her corsage.

Strolling down the grassy aisle.

It's hard to tell who is happiest.

Being introduced as Mr. & Mrs. Williams.

The newlyweds first kiss.

Marsha and the beaming Father of the Bride. Everyone tended to relax a bit after the ceremony.

The beaming Bride and her Groom.

Bob, Marsha and Marsha's folks.

The Groom and Victor, Father of the Bride.

The Groom and Benjamin (note the matching tuxedos).

Vacation notes: