Steve and Sarah's Wedding May, 2001

Steve Hanna and Sarah Dewes have been friends of Sarah Zapolsky since she was at Clark University. They decided to tie the knot in May with an outdoor wedding in Athens, Ohio. Sarah Z. and I had a great time there enjoying Athens, the weather and mostly the friends.

We did have a bit of exicitement during a walk around the local lake before the afternoon wedding. The sign in the parking lot said something like Lake Trail 3.1 miles. Only after about three miles and getting to another parking lot and larger park did we realize the Lake Trail was not a 3.1 mile loop, rather 3.1 miles from one side of the lake to the other.

As we were nerviously looking at our watches and about to try hitching a ride from the park, we saw Norma working in her garden. We explained about the misjudgement we'd made and that we had this wedding to go to in a hour (really less than by now). She offered us a phone and phone book to call a cab. But it turned out that each of the three cab companies listed were no longer in business. She gamely traded her gardening gloves for her car keys and gave us a ride back to the far side of the lake (a trip which required going through Athens) to retrieve our car and wished us luck. With her help, we we not the last to arrive at the wedding (by about 30 seconds).

It was a lovely ceremony in the outdoor chapel of church up on a hill over Athens. The two celebrants guided the service well and, what was most unexpected for me, asked not the standard "Does anyone know of any reason why this marriage should not go forth?" but asked for stories of Steve and Sarah and what this marriage would mean to them and their friends.

It was a great chance for not only the parents to speak, but for several friends to tell (mostly nice) stories about the two of them and how they have related to each other over time. A very nice touch, I thought. Though it may have been a bit nerve racking wondering who would say what.

After the reminiscences, the vows and rings were exchanged, and the reception followed within the church with, among other things, the traditional cutting of the wedding cake:

After which there was much general meeting and greeting of old and new friends. Then a smaller group retired to the hotel to celebrate for a while longer.

Of course, there has to be a bit of fun for the few remaining single folks, so the bouquet was tossed and caught (somewhat amazingly since the toss was well after the first few rounds of beer) Looking at the expressions on folks faces, it was clear that everyone had a great time.

Vacation notes: