Christmas 2003

For Christmas this year, we flew down to Atlanta, then up to New Jersey before taking the train. While there was plenty to eat, both in Atlanta and New Jersey, Danny (the dog) did not get any of the ham Loren was carving. It was great to be able to see and visit with both extended families. Danny hoping for ham.
The Atlanta Crowd. Presents being opened.
Lois opening a gift. Lois opening a gift.
The kids had a great time, especially Sally and Aaron. Aaron gets some help with a present.
Aaron shakes a present. Sally offering to help.
Lois and Charlie watching the opening. Oscar, Connie and Sam.
Books were winners as presents. Kate and cousins enjoyed clothes.
Oscar and Connie. Loren and Sally.
Sarah watching these odd Williamses. Sweatshirts were also winners.
The Williams clan and Santa.
Steve, the red-nosed poppa.
Steve (and the rest of the adults) were, of course, very serious during the festivities.
David and the Harry Potter glasses. SMom and the Harry Potter glasses.
Sam and Helen: dueling guitars. The multi-colored shoes.
Sam and Loren in a more serious mood. Steve, David and Loren check out the loot.
Things were much the same in New Jersey. Ian enjoyed playing with new toys and visiting with the whole family. And the family enjoyed a chance to see and catch up with each other. Lindsay teacking Ian how to play jacks.
The Zapolsky Conzevoy Crowd (film camera). The Zapolsky Conzevoy Crowd (digital camera).
The Zapolsky Conzevoy Crowd (digital camera). The Zapolsky Conzevoy Crowd (SZap's camera).
We're looking forward to seeing and hearing from everyone throughout the year and getting back together next year -- here, there or in between.

Vacation notes: