Assateague, July 2014

July 2, 2014. Our fourth trip to Assateague Island was our most weather exciting. We were invited to join the purple team in 2010, went back in 2011 and 2012. We missed 2013 with the Colorado River trip. This year we planned to go early (as Seileen recommended) and stay longer. However, Hurricane Arthur intervened. We had an excellent day and a half before running away from the storm.
July 2, 2014. July 2, 2014.
The first year was all about the camping (and size of the crew). Playing on the beach in the sand was a high point. By 2011, Robert was starting to work his boogie board skills. This year, we had the cool waterproof camera, so all the pictures show off those skills. July 2, 2014.
July 3, 2014. July 3, 2014.
July 3, 2014. It was a little cool Thursday morning so the day started with some work on the mondo sand castle. Note Robert showing off his shellf made of seashells. Those clouds blew off and Thursday turned into a beautiful day (hard to imagine there was a hurricane just down the coast headed our way).
July 3, 2014. July 3, 2014.
July 3, 2014. July 3, 2014.
Until we got home and I examined the photographic evidence, I thought Robert won the race that time. However, if you look closely (perhaps at the large version of the photo), you can see my wrist strap string sticking out ahead for the win (those with kids of a certain age will recognize the Lighting McQueen move). July 3, 2014.
July 3, 2014. July 3, 2014.
July 3, 2014.

When not in the surf, Robert got some quality rest time on his board, staring at the waves. He buried Sarah, then asked to be buried. Then, after getting up, they asked me to lay down, just for second...

NOAA shows a nice band on Arthur's west side right on top of Assateague on Friday (we left after dinner Thursday). It's not clear how our new tent would have fared in the winds; and a rainy day on the beach was not a good incentive to find out. Though the expectation is Saturday will be another spectacular day (as was Thursday).

On the drive home, Robert was reading the The Dangerous Book for Boys and pointed out one important fact from that book: living in the desert is guaranteed to prevent shark attacks. Sarah happened to notice the sign about a giant shark just after Robert reported that fact. It turns out, one of the props for Jaws leaves on the road to Assateague -- who knew?

July 4, 2014. July 3, 2014.

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