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Oct 30, 2005

Halloween Parade
last update: 10/30 @ 18:43
We went back to Del Ray (site of Art on the Avenue, earlier this month) for the annual Halloween Parade. Robert went as Super Robert and seemed to enjoy his cape. More photos in his section.

Oct 29, 2005

last update: 10/29 @ 14:21

Pumpkin hunting in the Old Town Market was ultimately successful. (In this picture, unbeknownst to Mommy, Robert’s pant cuffs were full of blueberry muffin crumbs. FYI.)

Oct 23, 2005

Great Falls
last update: 10/23 @ 21:14
We all had a lot of fun walking around Great Falls this afternoon. Robert clearly enjoyed looking at the waterfall. Being late October, it was a bit chilly for sticking his toes in the water, so we stayed up on the cliffs. More photos in Robert’s section.

Oct 17, 2005

At last; a See-Saw
last update: 10/17 @ 21:24

Finally, a lawyer-proof see-saw that passes muster for the American playground. (It was spring loaded so one litiguous child couldn’t slide off one end sending the other child banging to the ground.) Still, thanks to Nanette, a very good time was had by Ms. Taylor and Robert. (Click on picture to see a better view of it.)

Oct 13, 2005

A couple more photos…
last update: 10/13 @ 21:37
… from last weekend’s grandparent visit are on Robert’s October page and the train ride page.

Oct 10, 2005

You see, It happened like this…
last update: 10/10 @ 21:58
AT&T is putting fiber optic cable under our sidewalk (rumor has it that it’s for a 5 sided building not far from here but I can’t confirm that) and they just did some of the initial drilling before last weekend’s torriential rain (5 to 7 inches). Our neighbors came home to a geyser in their basement Friday night. Their storm drain was an anti-drain. Adam borrowed a downspout extender (there is a better name which escapes me know) from us to redirect the runoff from thier new bathroom addition.

The city showed up Saturday morning (as we were preparing for our train trip) but didn’t do anything because it was still raining and Adam and Susan were not at home — having run away from the flood. Our basement remained dry until the moment the city water and sewer guys showed up to make sure we were ok, when they noticed the drain under the back porch not draining and water seeping under the door and into the basement. But not too bad — and certainly not the 8 inches of water Adam reported next door.

We unclogged that drain and pointed out to Adam that he really should replace our downspout extension (which prevents that problem for us nicely). Then headed on our merry way to Cumberland.

Today (Monday) the city guys showed up again, dug up the sidewalk, damanged our sewer line, found Susan and Adam’s damaged line and found out that number 11 also had a flooded basement. They dug up their sidewalk and discoverd the AT&T crew had put their fiber optic sleve 14 inches too close to our sewer lines which had knocked them out of alignment, blocking them. The city called in a local plumbing company; they made repairs and the city pointed out to the AT&T contractor that the bill would come to them.

So we have a new extension to our sewer line, we know it runs straight from the downhill corner of the house to the sewer (if the city had known that before they started digging, our line would have been OK), Susan and Adam have had their basement gutted, their sewer line repaired and number 11 also had their line repaired.

All’s well that ends well (if your basement isn’t one of the flooded ones).

Oct 09, 2005

As Promised…
last update: 10/09 @ 21:32
A few more photos of our excursion on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad from Cumberland to Frostburg and back are in Robert’s section.

Oct 08, 2005

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad
last update: 10/08 @ 22:26
More later about out trip on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.

Oct 02, 2005

It’s not such a long story….
last update: 10/02 @ 20:27
Robert attended his first Refenestration party today. The short version of the story is available in his section of the web site. The full explanation can be found on the refenestrator’s blog.

Oct 01, 2005

Robert’s second Art on the Avenue
last update: 10/01 @ 20:31
Robert enjoyed his second Art on the Avenue today. A couple more photos here. Last year’s photos are here. I don’t think he’s getting any less cute…

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