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Oct 30, 2013

Pumpkins Put to Good Use
last update: 10/30 @ 22:28

 We put the pumpkins we picked up Sunday to good use. We even gave them a test (and an even better test when we lost power for about an hour tonight).

Oct 27, 2013

last update: 10/27 @ 21:41

 On our way back home today, we stopped off to pick up a couple friends for the presidential present pumpkin.

It’s like this… As Robert is president of the West Virginia campus (having one in the election last year), we was called upon to act presidential and help heal the (completely artificial divide) and avoid a shutdown of that campus. One of the staff there wrote great speech; Robert rehearsed it and delivered it well during the S’mores course after dinner last night. For being a good sport, he was awarded the one pumpkin that grew on the campus this past year.

So we stopped to pick up a couple more.

Robert’s choice was clearly a winner. Now will manage to carve three pumpkins before Halloween?

Quick West Virginia trip
last update: 10/27 @ 21:34
 As we closed up the West Virginia campus, Robert took a spin on the tractor. Not yet with the motor running; maybe next year…

Oct 20, 2013

It’s been a busy time…
last update: 10/20 @ 18:01
 … Robert and his class had their fall trip to the West Virginia campus and we’ve taken advantage of the great fall weather for a back yard project. If you don’t know, try to guess from this picture — there are lots more where that came from.

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