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Apr 23, 2007

Evan has a COOL house
last update: 04/23 @ 16:45

There really is no cachet greater than getting your own tread-type skid-loader delivered to your own house. Evan was very nice to share with Robert. It was hot and dusty so we moved the boys inside to watch the actual digging. Evan decided that building a window sill road was appropriate and Mrs. B supplied the equipment. Note extended cherry picker WITH auger. Too cool.)

Apr 22, 2007

Fireman Robert
last update: 04/22 @ 20:38
After the birthday party, we went to look a the Firetruck parked in the parking lot. Robert liked this one because it was quiet. The cool sunglasses were party favors from Hannah.

Party Parachute
last update: 04/22 @ 20:33
Robert went to Hannah’s 3rd birthday party today. Gymboree hosted the party and while the kids enjoyed some of the organized games, they also really enjoyed just running around. One of the more fun organized games was playing with the rainbow parachute.

Apr 17, 2007

Vroom Vroom
last update: 04/17 @ 21:10

Get that smile off your face kid, you’re not getting on one of these for real until you reach 30.

Apr 01, 2007

New Seat…
last update: 04/01 @ 10:24
When Sarah took her bike in for a spring tune up, she also had them install a Robert seat on the back. He’s liking his styling new seat. There are a couple more photos in Robert’s section.

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