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Feb 27, 2022

Go fly a kite!!!
last update: 02/27 @ 15:12

This was last year’s aerospace kite project.

It’s been gracing our dining room for most of a year.

But, finally, today proved it’s airworthiness.

Even though Robert had to use twine instead of kite string (pesky roomba eating up the kite string), it did really well.

Robert thinks there will be another one to make this year; we’ll be sure to go fly it sooner.

Feb 26, 2022

Blast from the Past!
last update: 02/26 @ 16:17

We went to see Jesus Christ Superstar at the Kennedy Center. It was surprising to me how much I remembered the lyrics after however many decades.

And helpful to know the lyrics as the vocals were not as crisp, clear, and understandable as you might like.

Unfortunately, Robert did not have those years of playing the record in his past and was a bit lost for much of the play.

Still, it was very nice to get back to the Kennedy Center (where they check vaccination status and remind folks that masks are required).

Feb 21, 2022

Presidents’ Day
last update: 02/21 @ 16:21

It seems like it’s been a really long time since we’ve had a parade.

This was a very nice one.

The weather was perfect; the frigid temperatures of the last couple days have passed.

And the sky was a crystal clear blue.

A perfect day for George Washington to pass by to cheers.

And a really perfect day for hearing some bagpipes.

And Alexandria’s Pipes and Drums band did not disappoint.

There were, of course, politicians and police and military troops on parade.

But I do really enjoy the sound of a marching pipe band.

Parade part 2
last update: 02/21 @ 16:21

There were revolutionary soldiers.

These guys even had a canon.

But I noticed it was staged a few blocks from the finish (so they didn’t need to roll it the whole way).

They did fire it off for the reviewing stand and it was as impressive as you would expect a canon to be.

I’m sorry I didn’t get a shot of the smoke clearing over the street — that, too, was impressive.

And the Shriners were there. They had both these cars and equally small minibikes.

It’s always impressive to watch their close order drill.

I was only a little worried for my toes and nose taking this photo.

I’m glad the full-sized exotic and antique cars did not try these sorts of tricks.

And I think it’s clear by this this set up that Alexandria was ready for a good, old fashioned parade:

A parade.

Perfect weather.

Pipes and Drums.

Maybe we really are turning the Covid corner.

Feb 06, 2022

Goodnight Moon
last update: 02/06 @ 18:14

“Auntie Lisa,” our neighbor from E. Nelson Ave. and from whom we got Max and Zip all those years ago is an artist at the Torpedo Factory.

She, with help from other Torpedo Factory artists, turned one of the rooms into the room from Goodnight Moon.

It was really cool to see it come to life.

Also cool, they used the bookshelf in the room to highlight many of books recently banned by school boards in conservative districts.

Unfortunately, the artists cooperative may be at risk. The City of Alexandria is trying to generate more tax revenue from that now prime real estate.

We’re supporting the Save the Torpedo Factory movement, but I fear it’s an uphill battle.

Feb 02, 2022

last update: 02/02 @ 22:45

We got back to the Birchmere!

Maybe this whole Covid thing is getting better. Or maybe we’re getting blasť. The Birchmere wanted to see vaccine or negative Covid test at the door. And generally folks were well masked when not eating.

And, it was Marc Cohn!

A great evening, lots of fun; great show and a feeling of getting back on our feet after yet another Covid variant.

Robert was busy with Ultimate Frisbee but maybe next time he’ll be able to join us. The Birchmere really is a great venue, even when the smoke machine is turned up to 11.

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